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4 Amazing Free Spanish Language Resources

Basic Spanish Resources Links

Check out these amazing free Spanish language resources and more

Check out these interesting websites and blog posts from around the world that will help you learn Spanish faster:

1. Spanish language is influenced by words from other languages. Diccionario de anglicismos y tecnicismos para asistir a una reunión a la última is an article published on the electronic version of ABC newspaper. It is subdivided into six short sections where you will learn the correct Spanish words for office anglicisms, economy/finance, fashion and technology terms. (Spanish only)

2. The BBC Learn Spanish with free online resources page have not been updated for a while, but is still a good reference source.

3. A total of 90 lists of Spanish words and phrases divided into five levels. Many of them include audio, flashcards and exercises.

4. Our Spanish word comparisons table a.k.a The Matrix has been updated to include Venezuela Download the PDF and share The Matrix: Comparison of Basic Spanish Words.

Basic Spanish Veinte Mundos5. Veinte Mundos Spanish Language Magazine publishes intermediate and advanced articles in Spanish about the 20 different Spanish speaking countries. Each article includes an audio version, vocabulary, expressions, grammar and comprehension. Plus each article is also supported by short videos.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/MagEakaWebutante Margaret Nahmias

    Great recommendation with Veintemundos.

    • Diana Caballero

      A mi me encanta Veintemundos!

      • http://www.facebook.com/MagEakaWebutante Margaret Nahmias

        Si es bueno incluso si ya hablas español.

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