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8 Words For Cigarette in Spanish Slang

8 Words For Cigarette in Spanish Slang

The other day, I heard a Puerto Rican friend ask another friend for “un garet,” pronounced without the T, as gare (gar-eh).

Garet? Huh? What?

Apparently, garet means “cigarette”. They explained it was an abbreviation. This confused me, as you normally say cigarette in Spanish with the word “cigarillo.” They explained that it was actually short for the English word, cigarette. Taking an English word, pronouncing it with a Spanish accent and shortening it is typical in Puerto Rico.

However, it got me thinking and I realized I knew a few other Spanish slang words for cigarette, varying by country:

8 Words For Cigarette in Spanish Slang

1. Cigarrillo – generic term in some countries instead of cigarro

2. Pucho – Argentina, Perú, Chile, Colombia

3. Garro – Colombia

4. Tabiro – México

5. Fallo – Perú

6. Bacha, bachita – México

7. Puro – cigar

8. Garet – pronounced gare in Puerto Rico

Some useful cigarette related words in Spanish

1. Lighter – encendedor, slang terms are fuego (most countries) and mechero (Spain)

2. Smoke break – pausa para fumar (many countries), salir a fumar un pucho (Argentina), salir a echar un tabaco (Mexico)

3. Cigarette butt – colilla

4. A drag, puff – pitaso (Colombia), pitada (Argentina)

5. Ash tray – cenicero

Can you think of any other words for cigarette?

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Featured photo credit: Aquela by Nathália Carvalho via flickr

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