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Puerto Rican Sayings in Spanish | Letter O – Letter P

Puerto Rico Spanish Slang Idioms Speaking Phrases Boricua

The following is the Speaking Latino list of Puerto Rican sayings in Spanish popular to Puerto Rico. Many of these sayings, proverbs, refranes, modismos or idioms are also used in other Latin American countries.

You can find this list and much more in my book Speaking Phrases Boricua: A Collection of Wisdom and Sayings from Puerto Rico.

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Puerto Rican Sayings in Spanish | Letter O

Puerto Rican sayings in Spanish Tener algo en la punta de la lenguaOn the tip of the tongue

-Tener algo en la punta de la lengua

One swallow does not a summer make

-Una sola golondrina no hace verano

Opened up a can of worms

-Meterse en camisa de once varas

Out of sight out of mind

-La ausencia causa olvido

-Ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente

Out of touch with reality

-El que vive de ilusiones muere de desengaños

Overstay your welcome

-El muerto, después de tres días, apesta

-El muerto y el agregado a los tres días hieden

Own up to one’s mistakes

-A lo hecho pecho

Puerto Rican Sayings in Spanish | Letter P

Pass the buck

-Desde que se inventaron las excusas, nadie quiere ser culpable

Patience is a virtue

-Vísteme despacio que voy de prisa

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

-No ensucies el agua para después tomártela

-No tire piedras si tiene techo de cristal

Practice makes perfect

-La práctica hace el maestro

-La práctica hace milagros

Practice what you preach

-Bien predica, quien bien vive

Put someone in his place

-Hay que leerle la cartilla

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