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Learn Spanish Quiz: Cafeteria Menu Sign

Spanish Mistakes CafeteriaRecently I received the dreaded jury summons. What a pain in the *ss! Having lived outside the United States for almost 15 years it had never been a problem until now. In fact, as a resident of Maryland I never received a single summons.

So in January I get my driver’s license in Florida for the first time, register to vote at the same time and WHAM, 8 months later, the summons. Come on Florida government! Don’t be that obvious.

I just assumed it would be a wasted day and maybe even a wasted week. And as the day started at the judicial building they herded me in with a few hundred other potential civil judges, so it looked like in fact all time was lost. But I’m a sunny, happy, positive guy so I thought at least I can catch up on some reading.

But then I walked into the cafeteria for a morning coffee and ran across this error-laden menu on the wall. BINGO! New post.

Here’s the hint… there are 3 errors. Name those errors. No, none of them are words cut off at the end with the prices.

Ready for the answers? Here goes:

Spanish Mistakes Answers

1. Expresso. This is actually an Italian word and is often mistaken because to it similarity to the word expreso. The correct term would be espresso, no X.

2. Pastelles should be only one L, pasteles.

3. Toastada is an Spanglish mish-mash of toast and the correct Spanish word that should appear on the menu, tostada.

What’s the worst Spanish menu mistake you have found? Worse than this Embarrassing Menu Mistake?

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  • http://twitter.com/MagEakaWebutant Margaret Nahmias

    Seeing that sign must have made your day worse.

    • JaredRomey

      I found it entertaining and something useful after I’d thought I would lose the whole day.

  • tevra

    I have noticed minor and some times not so minor Spanish errors in city/county buildings and private businesses who seem to use babelfish or google in their efforts to hablo espanola that winds up as more of a pseudo Spanglish.

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