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by Jodi Stokydk

This resource is perfect for teachers of Novice and Intermediate learners who still want to use complex, authentic resources in class. Here, you will find simplified readings for each scene of the first episode of the Netflix original series Go! Vive a tu manera. Simply project a slide, pre-read the emoji-filled text, spot-check for comprehension, and then show the coordinating scene from the time-stamp listed. 

Stroke Exam IN Spanish (medical vocabulary)

by Molly Martin, Doc Molly

This is an intermediate medical Spanish audio course in which we practice performing a stroke exam in Spanish. Even if you don't work in healthcare, you will learn useful Spanish for everyday situations, like "hold your arm up" and "keep your eyes closed." The interactive audio format is ideal for learning vocabulary and grammar on the go. Review what you learned by taking a quiz after each lesson.


by Pablo Roman Humanes

Get 2 months of access to our Daily Intermediate videos. New, freshly made videos every day, delivered to your mailbox. Take your Spanish to the next level by receiving Comprehensible Input at a level appropriate for most Spanish teachers.


by Elisabeth Alvarado, Spanish Mama

These editable guides help your students take notes of any movie, show, book, or text you use in class. They help your students complete a tasks, such as: comparing and contrasting, understand and sequencing the plot, recognizing familiar words and cognates, analyzing characters, summarizing and finding the main details. 

Voice and Body Skills for Comprehensibility training

by Ben Fisher

What you do with your voice and body can either help or hinder your students' abilities to understand, and acquire Spanish. These practical tips to capture students' attention and increase their comprehension, all while pushing towards ACTFL's 90% Target Language recommendation help you have your best year yet.


by Jennifer Niño

This educational Escape Room is designed to work on the issue of pollution and ecology. It is developed in a future where everything must be done to protect the formula that will clean all contaminated water on our planet. You can work with it at intermediate levels. Can your students escape? 

And a 2nd Escape Room (because your kids will ask for more) :)

Tag Team Coaching and Demos: One Word Images

by Tina Hargaden

One Word Images (or OWIs) are language teacher magic! In this video workshop, see classroom demonstrations interspersed with workshops with Tina Hargaden that coach you through the concrete steps to create a One Word Image, and at the same time brings your class together and creates "mascots" that almost become like class pets. You gotta see it to believe it.

Reflexive Verbs Digital Flashcards

by Sherry Sebesta, World Language Cafe

The hottest new trend in language learning: Boom cards! These self-correcting reflexive verbs digital flashcards include colorful visuals and sound files so your students practice listening, reading, writing, and conjugating, 100% in Spanish! Just send them the link and your job is done! Perfect for all levels of language learners. 


by Angie Brumett, Parlay Vacay

The Parlay Way is the breakthrough language learning method of Parlay Vacay, the language vacation company.  

The Parlay Way emphasizes learning more and faster but through relaxed focus over intensity. The Parlay Way, aimed at mature learners, involves a unique set of techniques and layers.  


by Margarita Pérez García

Juliana is an easy novel for Spanish learners with under 100 unique words different than English. Juliana has been praised by its simple language, its beautiful illustrations and professional edition. Now enjoy and share with your class Juliana as an audiobook read by one of the co-authors, Margarita Pérez García, a Venezuelan native speaker. In addition, access 9 videos of Margarita telling each chapter in a comprehensible way. 

Spanish 1, 2, and 3 Exit Tickets Bundle (345 Exit tickets)

by Jessica Hall, Miss Señorita

345 Exit Tickets for your Spanish levels 1, 2 and 3 classes. Each slide includes 4-6 questions in different formats with animated answers.

Rainbow Calendar Kit in Spanish

by Elisabeth Alvarado, Spanish Mama

A multi-use calendar kit for setting up your PreK - Elementary Spanish classroom. The kit include visuals for calendar time and discussing the date, season, weather, and clothing. It also include a colorful "Bienvenidos" banner, and table labels to help you get organized.

Present Tense Task Cards & Present Tense Cucharas Game

by Dianna Plotts, La Profe Plotts

Engage your Spanish students with these fun task cards and Cucharas game for the present tense! Task cards are a versatile resource that can be used in a variety of ways to get students up and moving! Cucharas, the Spanish class version of Spoons, is always a hit with students and great for helping with verb conjugations! 

Real-World Workshop

by Scott Ervin, The Kid Whisperer

This is the single most effective way of managing independent work in existence and it gives the teacher time and energy back! Learn how any teacher of any age students can train their students to become hard workers without ever telling their students to work hard. Works with every single student!

Cultural Activity: El Año Viejo

by Carolina Gómez, Fun for Spanish Teachers

Teach and share with your students this craft about El Año Viejo, a fun, end of the year tradition in many countries in Latin America. This activity includes (1) an explanation about the tradition, (2) two simple pages for students to put together their own Año Viejos- includes two sizes and (3) Worksheets for students in older grades to write about their resolutions for the new year.

Sra. Speedy's Spanish Class Poster Set

by Jennifer Kennedy, Sra. Speedy

Help Students stay in the target language with these colorful classroom posters. Includes Classroom Rules & Sayings, Comida Saludable & Poco Saludable, Lugares en la Ciudad, Las Descripciones, y ¿Cómo estás? posters. 

PRELIMINARY Lessons Set for Spanish 1

by Speaking Latino

This set includes 12 preliminary lessons and assessment task cards. Ideal for middle and highs school students. They cover Classroom Commands, Greetings, Introductions, Days of the Week, The Alphabet, Likes and Dislikes, How to Say Goodbye and How Are you, the Spanish-Speaking Countries and more! All lessons have the ACTFL Standards and Can-Do Statements, plus all files are editable. 

QFT - Cultivating Curiosity in the World Language Classroom training

by Christina J. Rocha

In this bundle, teachers will be introduced to the QFT (question formulation technique) to use with students of all levels in the world language classroom, from beginners to AP/IB students. Main objectives are to: create and foster an inquiry based classroom environment that invites students to wonder – and stimulate critical thinking while also engaging in cross cultural awareness and understanding. 

¡PAKETÓN! Los 12 meses del año: Aprende y Repasa

by Angela Martín and Brittany Sola, Granabana

After teaching the months of the year, it's easy to forget to review them. Give equal billing to the past month(s) by keeping them prominently displayed and refer to them as you start your day. Soon, students will remind you that it's time to say ¡Adiós! to the current month and ¡Hola! ¡Hola! to the new month.

Squid For Brains YouPrint™ Spanish Culture Carnival "Friend Pack" (2 decks)

by Terry Waltz

magically self-correcting card games that promote language, culture and independent learning. Just print and cut as many as you like for your classes! SquidForBrains YouPrint™ games are  great for sub plans or any time you need to be freed up to work with other students, without giving out "busy work". Over 100 facts about Hispanic culture and history. No matter what kids need to learn, they can play and learn with anyone!

Para Empezar: 22 Weeks of Spanish Bell Ringers or Brain Breaks

by Allison Wienhold, Mis Clases Locas

This resource includes everything you need for 22 weeks of bell ringers for any level of Spanish class. The weekly schedule includes: Weekend Talk, Geography, Music, Joke and Dance.

Spanish For Educators Bundle

by Benjamin Bradshaw

How many colleagues have told you "I wish I remembered more from when I took Spanish class!"? This is a 5 lesson mini-curriculum designed to help re-activate prior knowledge, help your colleagues feel comfortable working with Spanish-speaking children and their families, and inspire them to continue learning on their own.

¡No me digas! Units 1-4 - Early Elementary Spanish Curriculum

by Mrs. Spanish

The first 4 units of the ¡No me digas! curriculum by Mrs. Spanish, a Comprehensible Input-based curriculum for PreK through 2nd grade Spanish. Each unit uses storytelling, personalized questions, and communicative activities to teach high-frequency language.  Covers your whole 1st school year of Spanish for grades pre-K-2.

WEBINAR: Spot the Differentiation

by Carmen Scoggins

As educators, we are asked to differentiate learning experiences for our students every day. But, differentiation with students starts from Day 1! The World Language classroom is a natural setting for differentiation to occur. Get to know your students, design a variety of activities, and offer your students choices. This webinar is geared to Novice through Intermediate levels.


by Angie Torre

Help students master the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam for the correo electrónico and la presentación oral. These can be used with any test-prep booklet including Triángulo aprobado and the new edition of Vista Higher Learning.

Spanish 1 Centers: Descriptions and Activities 

by Sheri Plath

This bundle includes seven highly engaging centers to get your students speaking in Spanish and practicing vocabulary and structures to describe people and talk about the activities they like to do. Use centers to lower the affective filter and get students speaking in a cooperative learning environment. This bundle comes complete with tips on how to use centers in your classroom and games to motivate all students.

2 Interactive Flip Books

by Emilie Del Risco, Island Teacher

Spanish Present Tense Regular Verbs and My Favorite Things flip books for students to complete practice activities and create their own visually appealing flip books. 

Tech Tools to Enhance Student Engagement in the World Languages Classroom 

by Adriana Gutierrez

Discover the best tech tools to enhance student engagement in the World Languages Classroom with tech tools that ‘always work’! - For all levels

Digital Vocabulary Choice Board

by Rachel Lucas, Tech for WL Teachers

When assigning homework or work on Quizlet, I always wanted the students to have more choices. What I had discovered is when they had more choice about how to study their vocabulary they were more excited and got more done. Ditch the paper copies, you'll love this digital format.  

Password Keeper

by Rachel Lucas, Tech For WL Teachers

With so many awesome websites and programs used in class, it can be hard for students to keep up with their username and password information for each site. You can help your students keep track of their login information for frequently used websites with this digital password keeper. You can Print it out & have students keep it in their binder for easy reference. Or share it with them via Google Drive or Google Classroom. Thanks to the Password Keeper you will never have to hear I don't know my login info ever again.


by Jason Bond

What could your teaching life feel like with less stress in it? Many of us struggle with stress in our teaching lives - but we don't have to.
The simple meditation techniques in this course will help you end stress reactions before they harm your health and your teaching. 

Using Zoom for virtual visits/meetings and video creation mini-course

by Paulino Brener

Zoom is a hidden gem. In this mini-course you'll learn how to use Zoom, a free software, to create virtual visits (another class or person visiting your class virtually) and also how to use Zoom to create short videos and screen-casts.


by Dan R Morris

Ever find it hard to find something on Google? Even if you're typing in something specific? Well, there's a language called Boolean that all the search engines use and once you use it you'll never find it hard to search again. Even on website without a search button, you'll know exactly how to find what you're looking for. Save time. Be More Productive. Make Searching a whole lot more fun. 

Easily add 30+ new Spanish teacher resources to your classroom, for one low price!

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