The Quick Guide to Cuban Spanish

A Colloquial Spanish Dictionary

discover the local language

Quick Guide to Cuban Spanish eBook

The collection of more than 952 terms and sayings will help you become familiar with the richness of the country’s Spanish. It includes slang and colloquial expressions that you will likely run across in everyday conversations.

The truth About Spanish

Spanish vocabulary changes significantly from one country to the next. Yet, few people learn about this until they are in a country, stumbling through the local Spanish.

Are you learning Spanish?

Preparing to visit Cuba?

Or even just wanting to be more familiar with its specific slang and local words?

If you ever wondered what asere mean, what is a michi-michi, don’t know if the word empingao is good or bad, and that in Cuba panties are called blúmer, you need this book!

Over 950 terms and sayings

Summarized English definitions and 429 terms with synonyms

More than 400 example sentences

64 illustrations

Praise and Testimonials

Whether you’re a native speaker or just a beginner trying to learn real Spanish and not what you’ve probably learned in your boring Spanish class(es), this’s a must read if you want to learn the slang and understand the heart and soul of a Cuban.

Brentlin S. Amazon Review

Love this book! Just what a Spanish speaker travelling to Cuba needs! Worth buying so you can really understand and also use their Cuban Spanish words. Who ever wrote this book is a legend!

Bellas D Amazon Review

Jared is the go-to guy for anyone learning or considering learning Spanish, and he’ll blow you away with how much he knows about the Latin American varieties of the language.

Donovan Nagel  Mezzofanti Guild: Community of Serious Language Learners

Is This Book for You?

YES, IF...

you regularly interact with Cubans.

YES, IF...

you have family in Cuba and want to communicate better.

YES, IF...

you are Cuban and want to express yourself better in English.

YES, IF...

you already speak Spanish and want to improve your Cuban Spanish.

YES, IF...

you are traveling to Cuba.

NO, IF...

you are sharing this book with kids.

NO, IF...

you do not want to read or learn naughty (yet commonly used) local language.

NO, IF...

this book will be your only resource to learn Spanish. (It is best used to complement resources and tools developed specifically to teach Spanish.)

NO, IF...

you are just starting to learn Spanish.

Quick Guide to Cuban Spanish eBook

A Colloquial Spanish Dictionary by Speaking Latino

About Jared & Speaking Latino

My name is Jared, and I am a native of the United States of America whose first serious attempt at learning languages began in my early twenties. Until then, I’d say, I had a more or less typical background. After age 5, I lived in one area of the country, never outside the US and had little exposure to Spanish. Then, in my early twenties, aseries of fortuitous circumstances completely changed my life.

I am not an educated linguist. I started as a language learner just like you. I’ve spent thousands of hours studying and speaking Spanish. I had a couple of years in my life when English barely existed. And with this, I know how difficult learning to communicate in Spanish may be.

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