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50 cloze activities for 50 great songs to teach Spanish

All you need to do is:

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3. Listen to the song

These activities are great for 

  • improving listening comprehension
  • vocabulary
  • teaching culture
  • getting students singing and speaking in class

Here’s every song and topic included:

1.3BallMTY - Inténtalo - Possessive Adjectives
2.Aldrey - La lista - Infinitive Verbs
3.Alejandro Sanz - Quisiera ser
4.Álvaro Soler - El mismo sol
5.Amaral - En el río - Preterite vs Imperfect
6.Amparanoia - En la ciudad - City Vocabulary and Description
7.Ana Belén ft. Victor Manuel - La puerta de Alcalá - History of Madrid
8.Ana Mena - No soy como tú crees - Present Tense
9.Ana Torroja - Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar
10.Bebe - Ella - Ir + Infinitive
11.Belanova - 1-2-3 Go - Irregular Stem Changing Verbs in the Present
12.Belinda ft Pitbull - Egoísta - Pronouns
13.Benny Ibarra - Inspiración - Present Tense
14.Café Tacuba - Eres - Verb SER
15.Chayanne feat. Jennifer Lopez - Dame - Present and Present Progressive
16.Diego Torres - Penélope - Present, Preterite and Clothing Vocabulary
17.Don Omar - Pura Vida - Informal TU Commands
18.El cuarteto de nos - No se que hacer conmigo - Preterite
19.Enrique Iglesias - Escapar - Present Indicative and Subjunctive
20.Gente de Zona ft Marc Anthony - La Gozadera - Spanish Speaking Countries
21.Gondwana - Guerra - Present Indicative
22.Ignacio Copani - Dame fútbol - Soccer Vocabulary
23.J Balvin - Ay vamos - Present Tense in First Person Singular and Plural
24.Jarabe de palo - Que bueno, que bueno - Personal Pronouns Direct Object
25.Jesse & Joy - Ecos de amor - Present Indicative
26.Joan Manuel Serrat - Poco antes de las diez - Future Tense
27.Jorge Drexler - Infidelidad en la era informática - Gerunds and Adjectives 
28.José Ignacio Lapido - Cuando el ángel decida volver - Future Tense
29.Juan Luis Guerra - Amigos - Verb SER and Friendship Vocabulary
30.Juanes - La Camisa Negra - Present Tense and Verb TENER
31.Julieta Venegas - Me voy - Regular and Irregular Verbs in the Present
32.Justo Lamas - De colores - Verb SER and Personal Pronouns
33.Kevin Karla y La Banda - Hello - Present and Past Tenses
34.La Ley - Ámate y sálvate - Imperative
35.La Santa Cecilia - Calaverita - Present Tense and Mexican Traditions
36.Los Hermanos Rosario - Aló - Past Perfect and Telecommunications Vocabulary
37.Luis Fonsi ft Daddy Yankee - Despacito - DO and IO Pronouns and Body Parts
38.Maná - Pobre Juan - Preterite and Immigration Vocabulary
39.Manu chao - Me llaman calle - Adjectives
40.Marc Anthony - Vivir mi vida - Infinitive Verbs
41.Matisse ft. Carlos Rivera - Más que amigos - 1st Person Singular Present Tense
42.Obie Bermúdez - 4:30 am - Daily Routine
43.Paulina Rubio - Algo de ti - Present and Present Progressive
44.Ricardo Montaner - Déjame llorar - Descriptive Adjectives
45.Ricky Martin - La mordidita - Diminutives
46.Rubén Blades - Caminando - Gerunds
47.Shaka y Dres - Agua para la vida - Nature and Environment Vocabulary
48.Shakira - Inevitable - SABER vs CONOCER and Present Tense
49.Sofia Reyes ft. Prince Royce - Solo yo - Verbs SER, ESTAR and IR
50.Tito El Bambino Ft Jadiel - Sol, playa y arena - Beach Vocabulary

Each cloze activity includes:

    • Full revised lyrics
    • Grammar / Vocabulary Topic
    • Short artist bio
    • Video link
    • Cloze activity

BONUS: And as an added bonus if you buy now, we’ll include an extra 10 songs with an activity worksheet for each.

1.Canciones Para Niños - Hokey Pokey - Body Parts
2.Julieta Venegas - Eres para mí - Personal Pronouns
3.Tito El Bambino - Te pido perdón - Verbs SER and ESTAR
4.Maná - Eres mi religión - Preterite and Imperfect
5.Jesse y Joy - Corre - Articles and Possessive Adjectives
6.Maná - Mariposa traicionera - Present and Imperative
7.Ricky Martin - No importa la distancia - Future Tense
8.Joan Manuel Serrat - Mi niñez - Preterite vs Imperfect
9.Julieta Venegas - Limón y sal - Stem Chaging Verbs in the Present
10.Los Coyotes - 300 kilos - Spanish Speaking Countries and Culture

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