Speaking Argento
A Guide to Argentine Spanish

Spanish vocabulary changes significantly from one country to the next. Yet, few people learn about this until they are in a country, stumbling through the local Spanish.

Argentine Spanish

Are you learning Spanish? Preparing to visit Argentina? 

Or even just wanting to be more familiar with its specific slang and local words?

Speaking Argento is the book that will help you understand Argentines. 

This light-hearted dictionary-style book includes the vocabulary (and some Lunfardo words) you need to know and were never taught in school.

Over 1,300 words and phrases are explained in English.

The book also includes short sections that list some of the particularities of the Argentine grammar, pronunciation and gestures.

With SPEAKING ARGENTO: A GUIDE TO SPANISH FROM ARGENTINA words like quilombo, gamba, macanudo, pibe and ortiba will no longer be a mystery!

  • Over 1,300 ​words & phrases explained in English
  • Short sections on:  Argentine grammar & Argentine pronunciation
  • An illustrated section with examples of common Argentine gestures
  • 9 Quick Vocabulary table guides
  • 35 illustrations
  • A total of 110 pages


Available in print paperback or eBook on:


No if...

  • you are sharing this book with kids
  • you do not want to read or learn dirty (yet commonly used) local language
  • this book will be your only resource to learn Spanish (it is best used with resources and tools developed specifically to teach Spanish, this book will not teach you Spanish)
  • you are just starting to learn Spanish

Yes if...

  • you are moving to Argentina
  • you have family in Argentina and want to communicate better
  • you are Argentinian and want to express yourself better in English
  • you already speak Spanish and want to improve your Argentine Spanish
  • you are traveling to Argentina

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