Speaking Phrases Boricua

A Collection of Wisdom and Sayings from Puerto Rico

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Speaking Phrases Boricua eBook

This follow-up to the Puerto Rican Spanish bestseller, Speaking Boricua, collects the unique Puerto Rican sayings that are passed down from generation to generation. Whether you are looking to share your life’s wisdom with Island friends, trying to get a chuckle from colleagues or just want to better understand Puerto Ricans, Speaking Phrases Boricua offers both English and Spanish versions for these wisdoms.

The truth About Spanish

Spanish vocabulary changes significantly from one country to the next. Yet, few people learn about this until they are in a country, stumbling through the local Spanish.

Are you learning Spanish?

Preparing to visit Puerto Rico?

Or even just wanting to be more familiar with its specific slang and local words?

Literally translates to “to be more lost than a cross-eyed crab.” This saying implies that cross-eyed crabs get lost regularly so if you’re more lost than the poor crab, you’re in big trouble. Lost refers not only to directions, but also to situations when a person does not follow a conversation or an idea.

Translates to "frying and eating" or "frying while eating" and means right away, in a jiffy. In other words, to do something right after another.

Literally translates to “like a toad in a latrine” and it is used to say that you are stuffed or full of food.

This saying means "to explode into a rage, extremely angry."

With this eBook, sayings like estar más perdido que un juey bizco, estar como sapo de letrina, or friendo y comiendo will no longer be a mystery!

Hundreds of Puerto Rican sayings translated and explained in English

A 56-page index of Spanish keywords with sayings

Index of English sayings with Puerto Rican equivalents

42 illustrations

Praise and Testimonials

If you are Puerto Rican like me, but who left the island for a while now, you will find this book great! It will bring memories of old sayings and new ones that you may have missed since you are not living on the island.

Amazon Review

I am Boricua but raised in the States. This book is a great resource when communicating with family on the island. The phrases really make a difference when trying to describe or make a point.

Amazon Review

Romey translates common colloquialisms into English so that Americans can actually understand what the heck locals are saying when they visit South American countries.

Monica Garske AOL News

Is This Book for You?

YES, IF...

you are moving to Puerto Rico.

YES, IF...

you have family in Puerto Rico and want to communicate better.

YES, IF...

you are Puerto Rican and want to express yourself better in English.

YES, IF...

you already speak Spanish and want to improve your Puerto Rican Spanish.

YES, IF...

you are traveling to Puerto Rico.

NO, IF...

you are sharing this book with kids.

NO, IF...

you do not want to read or learn naughty (yet commonly used) local language.

NO, IF...

this book will be your only resource to learn Spanish. (It is best used to complement resources and tools developed specifically to teach Spanish.)

NO, IF...

you are just starting to learn Spanish.

Speaking Phrases Boricua

A Collection of Wisdom and Sayings from Puerto Rico

About Jared & Speaking Latino

My name is Jared, and I am a native of the United States of America whose first serious attempt at learning languages began in my early twenties. Until then, I’d say, I had a more or less typical background. After age 5, I lived in one area of the country, never outside the US and had little exposure to Spanish. Then, in my early twenties, aseries of fortuitous circumstances completely changed my life.

I am not an educated linguist. I started as a language learner just like you. I’ve spent thousands of hours studying and speaking Spanish. I had a couple of years in my life when English barely existed. And with this, I know how difficult learning to communicate in Spanish may be.

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