Understanding and Teaching Gender-Inclusive Language

A Course by Dr. Jenny Santilli 

Teach gender inclusive language without feeling overwhelmed, pressured, or doubting if you should even be doing it, and confused about where to begin if you do decide to teach it.

Unconfident About Gender-Inclusive Language?

Imagine walking into your next department or administration meeting comfortable with discussing the topic of gender-inclusive language and quickly answering any questions your colleagues or administrators have.

And all because you know how to:

  • Explain why some teachers are for teaching gender-inclusive (GI) language and some are against it
  • Share why many (perhaps even most) native Spanish-speakers are against using gender-inclusive language
  • Walk your colleagues through the steps of which GI language to introduce to your students (currently there are a variety of options)
  • Respond to inquiries from parents, department heads, administrators and even your own students about GI language

Does that sound like an impossibility for you? 

You might be thinking:

I’m not really sure if I should even be teaching this.

Where do I begin, to make an informed decision?

What if the parents or my administrators are against this?

Are there any guides or tools available to me?


We walk you through every step of the way.

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Here’s what you want to remember as you explore the topic.

The decision is yours to make. Only you know what’s best for your students, your school, and your community.

We want you to have all the information and tools at your fingertips to make the decision process easier for you.

And if you do decide that teaching GI language in your classes is the right way to go, we will help you put everything in place to be successful.

"Part of empowering our students to be globally competent is creating a community in the classroom where all are recognized, accepted and free to be themselves."

- Dr. Jenny Santilli
Understanding and Teaching Gender Inclusive Language Course Creator

Here’s what you can expect from the Understanding and Teaching Gender-Inclusive Language course:

Lesson 1

What is gender inclusive language?

This lesson answers why this is even a discussion generally and among world language teachers in particular.

  • Learn what gender-inclusive language is
  • Review why it has appeared in Spanish teaching
  • Explore what is your role as you teach your students

Lesson 2

Who uses gender inclusive language

This is an exploration of gender-inclusive language from around the world, why it is used and why some people are against using it.

  • Achieve a clearer idea of efforts to incorporate inclusive language in different parts of the world
  • Learn about reasons for the resistance to using inclusive language

Lesson 3 

Why it is important to teach and model gender inclusive language

As a world language teacher, you have an incredible opportunity to positively impact the world vision, well-being, and mental health of your students. Understanding GI-language is one tool available to achieve those goals.

  • Discuss why teaching and modeling gender-inclusive language is important
  • Explain what gender identities mean
  • Model gender-inclusive language

Lesson 4

How to incorporate gender inclusive language in your classroom

Explore the different methods of expressing gender inclusive language, their advantages, and disadvantages, and decide which version to teach and how to incorporate it in your classes.

  • Explore the different methods of expressing gender inclusive language
  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of using it
  • Decide how to incorporate it in our classrooms
  • How to teach gender-inclusive Spanish language and pronouns (sometimes referred to as gender-neutral language or pronouns)

Lesson 5

How to approach students

Knowing your students is the crucial step to inform your decisions moving forward. Consider your students’ world language proficiency and their interest level in using gender inclusive language.

  • Discuss how to approach your students in teaching gender inclusive language
  • Reveal key steps in preparing to discuss gender-inclusive language with your students

Lesson 6

How to approach parents and families

How to be proactive and inform your families of what you are teaching and, more importantly, why. Decide how to best approach your families.

  • Delve into how to approach your students’ parents and families
  • Know which questions to ask yourself before approaching the families
  • Learn what other steps are important throughout discussions with parents

Lesson 7

How to approach administrators

Understand why it is important to approach your administrators about your curriculum and your steps to introduce gender-inclusive language.

  • Dig into how to approach your administrators about teaching gender inclusive language to your students
  • Learn how to best support your administrators as you introduce gender-inclusive language


Teaching Gender Inclusive Language

Upon completing the course, you will be equipped with important resources to help you start teaching gender inclusive language in your classroom:

  • Glossary of Terms
  • Online Resources for Further Exploration
  • Self-inventory
  • Sample Message to Parents and Families
  • A List of Possible Objections to Using Gender Inclusive Language and How to Answer Them

All 7 lessons include: 

On-the-Go Audio mp3 Downloads and Transcripts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course only for Spanish teachers?

The lessons apply no matter which language(s) you teach. While the majority of the examples and conversation focus on the Spanish language, we do include debates from non-Spanish speaking communities about gender-inclusive language.

How is this course delivered?

This is a video course so you will log into your course access and watch the videos at your own convenience.

How long is this course?

We absolutely understand that your time is limited and precious. That’s exactly why we created this unique course format for you. Each lesson is four to seven minutes long. The full course will take you less than 40 minutes to watch.

I’m a Speaking Latino Spanish Teacher member. Do I need to buy this course?

¡Absolutamente no! It’s already available in your member dashboard.

What if I decide this course just isn't for me? Can I get a refund?

You bet! We have a generous 7-day refund policy. Send us an email and we'll process a refund if this course is not a fit for you.

I have other questions, how can I contact you?

Email us at support@speakinglatino.com. We usually answer within 24 hours.

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About your course teacher:

Dr. Jenny Santilli is an adjunct professor at Fairmont State University in West Virginia after a 40-year career teaching grades 5 through 12, every level from exploratory through Spanish level 5, including IB. Most of her time was spent in public schools. She presents at international, national, regional, and state conferences and is on the executive board of the West Virginia Foreign Language Teachers Association. As a mentor she has worked with pre-service and novice teachers as well as National Board Certification candidates. Her areas of focus are empowering students to become globally competent, civil discourse, how to teach controversial subjects, creating fair and equitable classrooms and keeping up to date with pedagogy.

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