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Argentina Spanish Slang

11 Argentine Spanish Phrases With PEDO (Spanish for Fart)

Pedo is probably one of the most versatile words in Argentina. Pedo literally translates to “a fart,” but colloquially it also has the meaning of “a problem.” Here are some examples of Argentine slang phrases that use the word pedo.

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Spanish Slang

“Más… que…” Exaggerated Comparisons in Spanish: Sayings and Illustrations

A total of 22 illustrations of exaggerated comparisons in Spanish. Meaning and translations of all these funny Spanish sayings are included.


Here is an illustration of the Spanish saying más pesado que collar de sandías (or melones) from the book Speaking Chileno. This saying is also used in Argentina. Spanish Saying: MÁS PESADO QUE COLLAR DE SANDÍA • Literal translation: Heavier than a melon necklace • Variation: Más pesado que collar de melones • Meaning: annoying,…


Here is an illustration of the Spanish saying friendo y comiendo commonly used in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. This illustration is featured in the book Speaking Boricua. FRIENDO Y COMIENDO: Spanish Saying • Literal translation: frying and eating; frying while eating • Meaning: right away, in a jiffy. To do something right after…

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