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Cut Your Prep Time and Deliver Engaging Lessons

This FREE bundle allows you to implement 20+ Spanish plans & activities immediately.

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Spanish Teachers: Cut Your Prep Time and Deliver Engaging Lessons

This FREE bundle allows you to implement 20+ Spanish plans & activities immediately.

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Lesson Plans & Supplemental Activities

The Spanish Teachers Community is the complete package dedicated to slicing Spanish teachers' prep time and guiding them in planning their classes. It's full 100% access to done-for-you lesson plans, worksheets, bell ringers, exit tickets, and more to get your entire classes planned every week. Excellent for both veteran and new Middle to High school Spanish teachers.

Eliminate 10+ Hours from Your After-school And Weekend Workload

The Efficient Spanish Teaching Framework course modules offer strategies to streamline teaching processes and minimize stress, focusing on class preparation, classroom management, in-class techniques, grading efficiency, and assessment methods, aiming to enhance time management and reduce workload for Spanish teachers. You will learn how to eliminate 10+ hours a month from your after-school and weekend workload. Available inside the Spanish Teachers Community.

Spanish Slang Resources

Select a country, dive into its unique slang, and start speaking Spanish with the authenticity and nuance of a local. Your journey to mastering the art of Spanish slang begins here!


bolivia flag


chilean spanish slang


colombian spanish slang


costa rican spanish slang

Costa Rica

cuban spanish slang


dominican spanish slang

Dominican Republic


el salvador spanish slang

El Salvador

guatemalan spanish slang




nicaraguan spanish slang


Spanish Slang from Peru


Puerto Rico

spain spanish slang


venezuelan spanish slang


Recent Articles

Explore global challenges across all student’s level with these activities featuring Puerto Rico and Equatorial Guinea. They will get to explore topics like natural disasters, environmental conservation, social challenges, and cultural aspects. It’s all about real-world issues while improving their Spanish skills.

Los DesafĂ­os Mundiales: 8 Scaffolded Activities for High School Students

Ask your students how science and technology have shaped different cultures and societies around the world. And then present them with any of these cultural activities to take them on a journey through time and space to explore the fascinating intersection of science, technology, and culture.

La Ciencia y la TecnologĂ­a: 14 Scaffolded Cultural Activities for High School Students

Language learning doesn’t have to be a grind of rote memorization. Imagine a classroom where students are actively moving, engaged, and picking up new words almost as naturally as they did when they were toddlers!

It’s entirely possible with Total Physical Response (TPR), a brain-compatible strategy that not only deepens learner engagement but also ensures the long-term retention of language skills.

Making Language Stick with Total Physical Response (TPR)

In language education, using a mix of different methods is key to boosting understanding and keeping students interested. Trying out various teaching techniques gives educators plenty of options to create engaging and effective lessons.

Today, we’ll look at eleven teaching methods, each designed to meet different learning styles and goals. Diving into language learning isn’t just about memorizing vocab and getting the grammar right—it’s also about making the process engaging and fun!

11 Teaching Techniques Proven to Make the World Language Classroom More Fun

The way we teach advanced language and literature classes is changing a lot, thanks to more interactive and engaging methods. One standout approach is the Socratic Seminar, which really helps students dive deep into literary analysis.

Socratic Seminars are even more impactful when combined with the strategic use of artificial intelligence (AI), enhancing both the preparation and execution of educational activities within the classroom.

Integrating Socratic Seminars and Artificial Intelligence

Setting the stage for active and engaged learning in world language classes from the moment students enter the classroom is crucial. The first few minutes of class present a unique opportunity to captivate student interest and set the tone for the rest of the session.

Back-To-School: Strong Starts for Language Learning

Meet Your Teacher Friends

Jared, originally from the US, embarked on his journey to fluency in Spanish as an adult. After residing in Latin America, he settled in Puerto Rico where he met his wife, Diana. Together, they authored 12 books showcasing the unique variations of Spanish across different countries (¡nos encanta!).

Their stories depicting real-world Spanish experiences have garnered widespread interest among Spanish teachers seeking classroom resources. This initiative has flourished, culminating in the creation of the Spanish Teachers Community and the World Language Teacher Summit, the largest free online conference for language educators.

Diana & Jared, SL Creators

Jared & Diana

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