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Jared and Diana

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The Speaking Latino Spanish Teachers Community  addresses the challenges you face:

  • Motivating and engaging your students
  • Looking for the perfect materials for your next class
  • Finding free time for your family and friends
  • Sharing ideas, challenges and successes with Spanish teaching colleagues
  • Discovering creative, innovative and authentic materials for your lessons

Engaging Materials

Class printables, lesson plans, songs, presentations, videos and more for middle, high school and higher education students!

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Receive our weekly newsletter with upcoming topics, lesson plans, activities, answer keys and rubrics.

Be Part of a Community

Develop relationships with other Spanish teaching colleagues.

Here’s what your colleagues say about us:


Sandra B.

Community Member

I absolutely LOVE everything you send me... ESPECIALLY being a member!!!!!!!!!

Marcela C.


Mil gracias por estos materiales! Es mi primer año enseñando español 1 y me ayudarían muchísimo los materiales.

Erin O.


This lesson is amazing! I love the flexibility for using at many levels, and this is really well done!

And most importantly, you are not alone!

The private Facebook group lets you develop relationships with other Spanish teaching colleagues.


Community Member 

Our students have to travel to different Spanish-Speaking countries so your resources of local Spanish varieties and their vocabulary and idiomatic expressions are invaluable!! Gracias por todo!!!


Community Member 

Diana, what amazing resources! Wow! Thank you soooooo much!


Community Member 

Muy muy bueno!!! Espero que mis niños este año lleguen a esta unidad!

Some of what you will find...


NEW! Collaborate and build relationships with other Spanish teachers. Find help with your day-to-day teaching challenges, and celebrate your successes.


Over 100 lesson plans for middle, high school, or adult students with handouts and worksheets.


NEW! Options for beginner, intermediate and advanced students that were designed so any teacher can cover you, even if he/she doesn’t speak Spanish.


Includes presentations with audio, puzzles, posters, handouts, readings and more for the major holidays.


Our redesigned collection of realia that will help you integrate authentic resources into your lessons with downloadable materials.


Over 1,000 pages of song activities covering many grammar and vocabulary topics.


Printable visual aids helpers including posters and signs.


All lesson plans and activities include editable files as well as their PDF that can be easily added to your Google Classroom.


We also have additional engaging support materials such as presentations and Speaking Latino's original explainer videos.


New and exciting materials and resources added every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why join the Speaking Latino Spanish Teachers community?
    We work to save you time you can better spend with your family and friends. Instead of working for hours a week searching for and creating the right materials for your students, we create them for you.

    When you join you will have access to hundreds of documents, thousands of pages of materials, resources, activities, answer keys and classroom prompts that make your life easier, save you hours and motivate your students.

    We use real-world Spanish materials to engage your students, insert some fun into class and get them speaking Spanish.

    ​You will also be invited to join the Spanish teachers private Facebook group. This group is exclusive for Speaking Latino Community Members.

  • ​How does the trial period work?
    ​​During the trial period you will have full access to all the materials available inside the Spanish Teachers Community. ​This is a full, regular membership, not a limited or partial membership.

    You will also start receiving a series daily of emails that will guide you through ​the sections inside the Community. These emails help you maximize your trial.

    You may cancel at any time.

  • What if I don't want to become a member after the trial?
    You may cancel at any time before your membership is renewed. Also, you will receive an email notification 1 day before your trial period ends. If you don't wish to continue, you can fill out the cancellation form at any time and nothing will be billed. ​

  • How long will I have access to the resources in the membership?
    You access lasts as long as you maintain your membership active. Since we offer annual, monthly and lifetime memberships, it will vary depending on which you choose. So for example, if you purchase an annual membership now, you will have complete access for 365 days from today, when your membership will be renewed for 12 more months.

    If you purchase the lifetime membership, you will have lifetime access to all of the current and new content inside the Community. No renewals ever.

  • Why should I join the membership now?
    As we continue to create and add new videos, resources and materials, the price will increase. Lock in your lifetime pricing now.

    Also, this will be the only way to access our lesson plans, resources, materials, song activities and everything else we create. We are making big changes to Speaking Latino and that includes eliminating product-by-product purchases. So if you love what we create, now’s the time to lock in your membership, and this price.

  • Will you be increasing the price of this membership?
    If you join now, you will maintain the same price, forever, as long as you maintain your membership active. We will never increase your price.​

  • What's included in your Lesson Plans?
    We have over 100 lesson plans that can be used for the middle, high school, or adult students. Each plan includes: ACTFL Standards, Can Do statements, objectives, activity summary, rubric, handouts and exercises, list of materials and support resources, one topic intro activity, one oral activity to engage your students to speak Spanish and answer keys.

  • Can I use your lesson plans for... (kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school adult)....students?
    We have over 100 lesson plans that can be used for the middle, high school, or adult students. All files are editable for you to easily make adjustments.

  • How can I use your realia?
    Your membership includes a collection of realia from different Spanish-speaking countries that will help you integrate authentic resources into your lessons. All the materials are scanned and ready to download so you can use them with your students in presentations or print them out. The collection includes restaurant menus, supermarket flyers, store flyers, street signs, maps, brochures, hotel literature and signs, and much more.

  • Do I need access to the internet during class to use these materials?
    Access to the internet during class certainly makes it easier to use all the recommended resources. You need access to the internet to obtain many of the necessary materials. Most of them may be downloaded on your computer however you need to be wary of copyright laws.

  • Do I need mobile devices (​tablets, mobile phones, etc.) or computers to use these resources?
    Some of the activities suggest using mobile devices or computers to create videos, search for information or take notes however all activities may be managed without access to devices.

    All the ​material files can be uploaded to your Google Classroom.

  • Do I need to purchase anything not included in your packets?
    No. Everything is built around free materials and resources. In some of the activities, small items you may already have in your classroom (such as dice, poster board, rulers, etc.) may be used.

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