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5 Quick Spanish Language Learning Videos About Numbers

5 Quick Spanish Language Learning Videos About Numbers

Spanish can be confusing, even for native speakers. When you have mastered counting in Spanish you will need to pay attention to other basic Spanish expression for fractions, numerals, percents, etc.

The Fundación de Español Urgente (Fundéu) is a non-profit organization whose “main objective is to promote the proper use of Spanish in the media.” They have created short video capsules to answer questions about common basic Spanish mistakes. These five videos will help you when discussing numbers in Spanish.

Uso de las cifras negativas
(Negative numbers)

El «billion» inglés no equivale al «billón» español
(Billion is not billón in Spanish)

«Ciento por cien» es una expresión incorrecta
(Hundred percent expressions in Spanish)

«Decimoquinto» no es lo mismo que «quinceavo»
(Nominals and fractions)

Diferencias entre «bimensual»/«bimestral» y «bianual»/«bienal»
(About bimonthly, biannual and biennial)

If you find these videos useful, share this article with your friends. In a future post, I will share videos for confusing words in Spanish and other basic Spanish mistakes.

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