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Joking in Spanish: 25 Spanish Language Words and Phrases

Latinos love to kid around as much as any other culture and they have plenty of words to express it. Here is a list of 25 basic Spanish words you may need.


1. Broma: joke (noun)
2. Bromear: to joke, to kid
3. Estar de broma: to be joking, to be joking around
4. Gastar una broma: to play a joke
5. Aceptar una broma: to take a joke
6. Broma habitual: running joke
7. Aguantar una broma: to take a joke (Argentina)


8. Chiste: joke (noun) Chiste can often be used interchangeably with broma.
9. Hacer un chiste: to make a joke
10. Contar un chiste: to tell a joke
11. Mandarse un chiste: to crack a joke
12. Chiste verde: dirty joke
13. Chiste rojo or colorado: dirty joke (Puerto Rico)
14. Chiste privado: inside joke


15. Burlar: to joke, to make fun of
16. Burla: prank, practical joke
17. Burlón: a jokester, someone who is always kidding around. This word can also mean “bully”

Other useful words and phrases

Joking in Spanish: 25 Spanish Language Words and Phrases18. Tomar los pelos: to pull one’s leg
19. Vacilar: to joke around, have a good time, fool around. In Perú, vacilar means “to like.”
20. Picarón: a jokester, someone who has just played a joke on you (Mexico)
21. Payasear: To joke around, to be kidding (Mexico)
22. Caer el veinte: to get a joke (Mexico). In this case, you can also use the verb “caer” to say someone “fell for a joke”
23. Jodiendo: literally, fucking (around), a more vulgar way of saying messing/joking around.
24. Tener correa: to take a joke, have a sense of humor (Spain)
25. Seguir la corriente: to take a joke (Puerto Rico)

Can you think of any other joke-related basic Spanish words or phrases?

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  • Diana Caballero

    I will add #26 from Puerto Rico. Gufeo, gufiar, gufiao: These words are similar to “vacilar” or “chiste” depending on the context.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MagEakaWebutante Margaret Nahmias

    Es broma… I am kidding, literally it is a joke.

  • http://fluent-language.blogspot.com/ Kayla C.

    Thank you very much for the vocabulary, it’s easy yet interesting :)

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