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10 Vulgar Spanish Slang Words and Phrases from Peru: Infographic

If you are in the process of learning Spanish and plan to travel to  Peru, keep in mind the following list of dirty Spanish slang words and phrases. It is good to know them in case you are insulted or want to insult somebody.  These 10 sayings from Peru are too strong to be taught in school, but you need to know them.

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10 vulgar Spanish slang words and phrases from Peru that aren’t taught in school, but you need to know

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Dirty Spanish Words Peru

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1. Concha tu madre
This is one of the strongest ones. It means “fuck your mother.”

2. Es la tuya en vinagre, hijo de la gran puta
Usually this is the answer when someone insults you with #1. The literal meaning would be “Yours in vinegar, son of a bitch”

3. Rosquete de mierda
“Fucking faggot”

4. Tremendo cojudo, huevón
“Stupid fucking idiot, imbecile”

5. ¿Qué chucha tienes?
“What the fuck is your problem?”

6. Huevón
“Damn idiot”

7. Indio de mierda
“Fucking Indian”

8. Puta Madre
When something goes wrong, some people say this. The meaning would be like “Oh fucking shit” or  “Oh mother fucking shit”.

9. No seas cojudo
“Don’t be an idiot”

10. ¡Qué cojudo eres!
“What a damn idiot you are”


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  • Yupmeister

    I worked with a Peruvian guy, who spoke mostly Spanish with me. I asked him to pass me the tape measure which is called a “metro” in Spain and most other countries and he didn’t understand. Instead he called it a “guincha” which is the English “winch”

    • JaredRomey

      They also use “guincha” in Chile. The more common term used for tape measure is “cinta” or “cinta métrica:.

  • http://www.languageninjas.com/ Jade

    I mostly see stuff from Peru, Spain and Colombia so I’m not use to these phrases :)

    • JaredRomey


      Feel free to add the phrases you know from those countries in the comments of any relevant articles. It would be great to include some of your personal experiences from those countries!



  • Moshe Gutierrez

    “Indio de mierda”

    Yeah that’s racist as fuck… Sucks there’s racism in Peru against indios… That’s why that phrase is common, because racism in peru against indios is pretty strong, which is stupid because almost everybody in Peru is either Indio or at least part-indio….

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