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MICHELADA: The Mexican Bloody Mary

MMICHELADA: The Mexican Bloody Mary by SpeakingLatino.com

If you’ve ever gone drinking with Mexicans, you’ve probably at least heard the term michelada. What exactly is it?

A michelada is a traditional Mexican drink comparable to the Bloody Mary. The recipe changes a bit from region to region and due to person tastes, but the basic ingredients are: beer, tomato juice, lime and hot sauce. Yeah, you read that right. A beer with hot sauce in it!

How to make a Michelada: The Mexican Bloody Mary

Michelada Tecate Bloody MaryGet a large beer mug and salt the rim. Then, fill it about halfway, maybe a little more with a Mexican beer. Juice about half a lime in it and fill the rest with tomato juice. You’ll also want to shake in just a bit of Worcestershire sauce for an authentic flavor. After that, the seasoning is basically up to you. You can sprinkle in chili powder and as many drops of hot sauce as you can handle. If you are extra brave, you can add slices of hot peppers.

Micheladas are also known as simple cheladas or clamatos. Obiviously, chelada is just an abbreviation while clamato is actually the word for “tomato juice.”

I know it sounds pretty gross, but you shouldn’t knock it until you try it!

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