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9 Words in Spanish for Doobie Hair Wrap

Famous singer Rihanna surprised the public by appearing with a Doobie wrap at the 2013 American Music Awards. The Doobie wrap is a natural hair straightening technique that is also popular among Latin American women. It consists of wrapping the hair around the head securing it with metal hair clips. Generally women do it at bedtime protecting it with a bandana. The heat of the head combined with long hours of sleep gives the result of a straighter hair in the morning. This kind of hair styling technique is done in the privacy of home and no fashion expert would recommend utilizing it in public as Rihanna did.

Since the Doobie wrap is known in Spanish-speaking countries it is called in different ways: el dubi dubi, el dubi, el tubi tubi, el tubi, turbante, torniquete, la toga, la toca and la manta.


Words in Spanish for DOOBIE HAIR WRAP: Shareable Image

Spanish for doobie hair wrap

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Watch a video on how to do a doobie hair wrap

Video: Cómo hacer el Tubi Dominicano.

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