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This is the ultimate bundle with the Top 12 Scaffolded Cultural Activities.

12 Scaffolded Activities for Your Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced Students
No need to research, adapt, or think about tasks for each level. It's all done for you!
🇨🇴 Fernando Botero
Belleza y estética – Artes visuales y escénicas
In this reading comprehension activity, the students learn about the Colombian artist Fernando Botero, his art, style, and life. They also describe his paintings and identify how his work relates to Medellín, Colombia.
🇨🇺 Carros antiguos en Cuba
 La ciencia y la tecnología – El acceso a la tecnología
In this reading comprehension and speaking activity about old Cuban cars, students learn why there aren’t new cars in the country by reading an online forum.
🇨🇱 Tomar once en Chile
Familias y comunidades – Costumbres y valores
In this reading comprehension and visual activity, students learn about “Tomar once”, a tradition in Chile that consists of a special meal with family and friends.
🇦🇷 Eva Perón
La belleza y la estética – Definiciones de la belleza
In this reading comprehension activity, students learn about Eva Perón, her life, and political activity. They are encouraged to think how her life impacted fashion, rights, and women’s life in Argentina.
🇪🇸 Antonio Gaudí
La vida contemporánea – Los estilos de vida
In this reading comprehension activity, students learn about the Spanish architect and artist Gaudí, his work, and how he contributed to Barcelona, Spain.
🇨🇷 Viajar en bus
La vida contemporánea – Los viajes y el ocio
In this visual comprehension activity, students read about the public transport service provided by Tracopa, a company from Costa Rica, and how citizens and tourists travel in the country.
🇬🇹 Satélite Quetzal 1
La ciencia y la tecnología – Las innovaciones tecnológicas
In this visual interpretation activity, students read and learn about the first satellite launched in Guatemala by looking at an official Government announcement and reading an article.
🇵🇷 Huracanes
Los desafíos mundiales - El medio ambiente
In this visual interpretation activity, the students read and answer questions about hurricanes in Puerto Rico, how they affect its citizens and the economy, and which were the worst climate catastrophes on the island.
🇧🇴 El Chaski
Vida contemporánea – El entretenimiento y la diversión
In this reading and visual comprehension activity, students learn about El Chaski, an old Bolivian magazine for children that went digital.
🇺🇾 Uruguay: El país del tango y el mate
Las familias y las comunidades – Las tradiciones y los valores
With this activity, students learn that tango and drinking mate is not just a tradition from Argentina, but from the Río de la Plata region that includes Uruguay.
🇵🇪 Perú: Marca país

La identidad pública y privada – La identidad nacional y étnica
In this mini project, students learn about Marca Peru, an initiative driven by the government, startups, and companies from Peru to promote Peruvian products, tourism, and more.
🇨🇴 Navidad en febrero y con un Dios negro
Familias y comunidades – Costumbres y valores
With these reading comprehension and cultural comparison activities, students learn about a town in Colombia that celebrates Christmas in February and with a black Baby Jesus to keep a tradition adopted by their slavery ancestors, who were denied to celebrate Christmas on December 25.
The Perfect Mix Between Culture and Language Proficiency
Based on authentic resources with texts that have been carefully adapted for each level.
Prompts students to reflect, discuss, and give their opinions.
Tasks for students to produce writing based on their level.
"You have been my savior at some of my toughest times! I absolutely love using the scaffolded activities to give students choice or even to use in different levels with very minimal prep."
- Nancy B.
"I LOVE your other Scaffolded activities - they bring the real world to my students without me having to go find them, then make them work for all levels. LOVE LOVE LOVE what you are doing!!!"
- Lindsay S.
“My students are all at different levels, so I’ll say ‘some of you guys go to page X, some of you will go to page X, some of you will go to page X'. That has solved my differentiation problems in my classroom because I have students all over the place.”
- Savannah M.
Huge Time-Saver For Teachers With Mixed Classrooms or Multiple Level Classes 
Three Scaffolded Versions for Each Activity
Each activity in this bundle comes in 3 versions:
  • Novice
  • Intermediate Low/Mid
  • Intermediate High/Advanced
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Teacher's Notes for Each Proficiency Level
With guides on what to do before, during, and after the activity. Answer key also included.
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Aligned With AP Spanish Language & Culture Themes
Many people view AP Spanish as an unachievable level of language, but that’s not the case at all. With these activities, you can start working with AP themes from the very first day of classes with students in Spanish 1.
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Fully Editable
Editable files that gives you the flexibility to do any changes if you want to.
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Relevant All Year Round
They can be used at any time of the school year. Just keep those activities in your back pocket for when you need them.
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