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65 Spanish Slang Words for Vagina That You & Mitt Romney Should Know

Warning: This post includes an incredible volume of words that are not suitable for young eyes.

Recently, Governor Mitt Romney visited Miami as a quick stop on his presidential campaign. Part of the media tour included an interview for Radio Mabí with Carlos Santana. The nine-minute phone interview ended with giggles from Santana and the translator. Why? Romney used the word papaya that is Cuban slang for vagina! Here is the transcript of the last seconds of the audio clip:

CARLOS SANTANA: “Gobernador, lo están esperando con un mamey, una guayaba, frutas cubanas aquí en Miami. ¿Les gusta?”
MITT ROMNEY: “I am a big fan of mango, papaya and guava”
TRANSLATOR: “Soy un gran partidario del mamey, los mangos y las guayabas”

As you can see, even the translator changed the word papaya and substitutes it with mamey (that is a similar fruit). The name that Cubans used to refer to the papaya is fruta bomba. It was renamed because of the sexual connotation it has.

The Spanish language is so tricky and diverse across countries, that this situation could happen to anyone. Just read Jared’s story when something similar happened to him in Puerto Rico with the word bicho in his post Puerto Rican Spanish Slang for Penis: A Bug or a Guy’s Dick?.

To prevent headlines like Mitt Romney Innocently Uses Cuban Slang For ‘Vagina’ When Professing Appreciation For Papayas, he desperately needs to follow Speaking Latino in order to avoid these kind of mistakes and win the favor of the Latin community in the United States. To help Romney and all of you, here are the slang words in Spanish for vagina and the countries that use them.

spanish slang for vagina

Photo: Screen shot from www.huffingtonpost.com

Spanish Slang Words for vagina in Mexico and Central America

Mexico: pucha, concha, panocha, papaya, pepa, verija, cachucha, guayabo, chocho, la pepita, chango.

Mexico DF: papaya, picha, pucha, cola, oso.

Guatemala: cuchara, cutusa or cotusa, pupusa.

El Salvador: pupusa, cuca, mico, torta.

Honduras: verga, pupusa, cuchara, cuca, pepa.

Nicaragua: bicho, mico.

Costa Rica: mico, panocha.

Panamá: micha, cuca, araña, tontón, chucha.


Spanish Slang Words for vagina in South America

Colombia: pan, arepa, chimba, cuca, gallo, sapo, panocha, chocha.

Bolivia: concha.

Venezuela: cuca, cuchara, chocha, chocho, chucha, hucha, papo, pepa, alcancía, totona, cuchumina.

Ecuador: bollo, concha, pepa, chepa.

Chile: concha, sapo, chucha, choro, araña peluda, zorra, almeja, chocha, chichi.

Argentina: concha, chacón, cachucha, argolla, cajeta, chucha, chocha, papo.

Uruguay: araña, concha, cotorra, pepa.

Paraguay: concha.

Guatemala: pupusa, cuca.

Perú: chucha, concha, papa, papaya, zorra, champa.


Spanish Slang Words for vagina in the Caribbean

Cuba: papaya, bollo, cuca, la bomba, chocha, crica, tota.

Puerto Rico: chocha, crica, tota, tostón, bollo, pandorca.

Dominican Republic: popola, toto, creta, pipo, semilla, tota.


Spanish Slang for vagina in Spain

Spain: toto, coño, chocho, chichi, chumino, almeja, conejo, higo, chiral, papo.

This collection of words for vagina was difficult to put together. To start my research, I used the book Diccionario de Jergas de Habla Hispana by Roxana Fitch and www.tubabel.com. With all the words learned here, I can definitely assume a role in The Vagina Monologues!

Leave me a comment at the end of the page if you know other words used in your country or if want to suggest a correction.



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  • YosemiteSemite

    Domino Martinez (no accent) avers that panocha is used in the Brownsville-Matamoros area in his book The Boy Kings of Texas (p. 34).

  • IZZY_81


  • cagatelo

    “Concha” means shell. Its use for “vagina” is a word game.

  • cagatelo

    “Concha” is also used for “whore” my friend.

  • cagatelo

    Hi! I’m from Spain.
    First of all, “concha” means “shell”, and that’s why we have “La Concha beach” in San Sebastian. And if you play with words, vagina seems like a shell.
    There´s a mistake, I think. “Verga” is used for “penis”, not for “vagina”.
    I have to say that I didn`t know about every words in that list.
    Finally, I propose you a challenge: look for words that we use for “penis”.

  • Hairy Booger

    Maybe they need to pull their heads out of their asses and get over it.

  • Pat

    I was told, interestingly, that Punoche, was a brand of brown sugar in Mexico,..hence the term.

  • francisL

    In Panama we do not use araña (spider) one bit, so you’re off on that one. We use all others on the list except and you should add Mota (very popular) and Pan (although this last one is rarely used… only among the older folks).

  • Maximiliano Herrera

    In Costa Rica we also use PEPA as third word, in Colombia CHOCHO is also used instead chocha in some regions.

  • Pepe99

    In Colombia, gallo (or gallito) doesn’t mean vagina but clit (close but not exactly the same.)

  • Pepe99

    Also, verija is a generic name for groin (either male of female.) It doesn’t really means vagina.

  • harold

    The word verga applies to the male penis

  • Yakitarian

    Yo quiero comer panocha!

  • Banana

    But it’s not clear whether these words are intended to mean specifically the vagina, the vulva. Or indeed the more generic ‘female genitals’. Surely latinos know and care about the difference?

  • DianaCaballero

    YosemiteSemite I checked the book online and read the reviews. It looks like a interesting book. I also got to the part where the word “panocha” is used… I end up learning a new slang word in English. Thank you for your comment!

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