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About Speaking Latino and Learning Spanish Slang

Learn Spanish Slang


Why Speaking Latino will save you hours and hours while learning Spanish

If you are learning Spanish and prefer not to waste time, you are in the right place.

If the Spanish you learned in class isn’t helping you with Spanish in the real world, you too are in the right place.

If you are looking for a quicker path to Spanish fluency, you guessed it, you’re in the right place.


What other people say about Speaking Latino

Speaking Latino Top Language Lover 2013 Rank 9“Jared is the go-to guy for anyone learning or considering learning Spanish, and he’ll blow you away with how much he knows about the Latin American varieties of the language.” -Donovan Nagel, Mezzofanti Guild

Top 25 Language Twitterers 2012“Romey translates common colloquialisms into English so that Americans can actually understand what the heck locals are saying when they visit South American countries.” – Monica Garske, AOL News

Spanish Slang“Acabo de descubrir SpeakingLatino.com. Que sitio mas padre, chido, chévere, tuanis, bacán…” – Jake Fisher, Facebook fan

“@JaredRomey ¡¡¡Me ca*** de risa!!! ¡Buenísimo! I had to pause several times to recover from laughing! You made my day!” – @MultiMae, blogger at Mae’s Language Lounge


Here’s the secret about learning Spanish:

The Spanish language is unique in each country. There are 22 Spanish-speaking countries and each of them gives the language their own unique vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation variations. Regional differences also exist in many countries.

This is a simple, powerful insight. Yet most teachers never discuss it.

If you keep this in mind while you learn and use Spanish, you will understand and communicate better.

Diana, a native Spanish speaker, and Jared, a fluent Spanish speaker who learned the language as an adult, share their research and personal experiences about local Spanish from across the Spanish-speaking world in Speaking Latino. Books and eBooks that collect and translate thousands of Spanish slang words and phrases, articles on Spanish used in specific countries, Spanish learning tips and a searchable Spanish slang dictionary with tons of local words all move you towards Real World Spanish fluency.


About Jared and Diana

Suffering a typical 9-5 existence, Jared’s foray into lunch-hour Spanish shook up his mundane life. He quit his job, stopped by briefly to school, and then left the US…for 14 years. Early stumblings in real-world Spanish taught him that a cola isn’t just a soft drink, bicho doesn’t always mean a bug, and boludo may be heartfelt or middle-finger felt. Twelve countries, three startups, two bestsellers and a Puerto Rican wife later, he’s still confounded by how many Spanish words exist for “panties.”

Diana Caballero and Jared RomeySomewhere along the way he convinced a gorgeous Puerto Rican woman named Diana to join him. Their personal experiences highlight common confusions of every-day Spanish -like for example Is My Underwear Inside-Out or Is It Backwards? With the views of a native Spanish speaker and a gringo who picked it up as an adult, they constantly find entertaining and controversial lessons on how to communicate in Spanish. The Speaking Latino books and later this website are a consequence of Jared’s bumblings in Spanish, crossed communications with Diana, repeated bouts with culture shock, and confusions over the correct words for popcorn, gasoline, pen, bus, underwear, traffic jam and drinking straw. One of the strangest things for him to accept while learning Spanish was why he spent years in classes, and yet a large portion of the words he learned didn’t do a bit of good in the real world. It still amazes him that depending on where you are chiringa, barrilete, papalote, papagayo, pandorga, chichigua, cometa or volantín all mean the same thing (kite).


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