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Resources to Learn Chilean Spanish Slang

Resources to Learn Chile Spanish Slang

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1. 10 Words and Phrases From Chile That Aren’t Taught In School

2. 6 Grammar Hints to Speak Like a Chilean

3. 6 Pronunciation Tips to Speak Like a Chilean

4. Chilean Filler Words and Phrases

5. The Most Important Word in Chile: HUEVEAR

6. The Second Most Important Word in Chile: CAGAR

7. 4 Gestures to Go Native Chilean

8. Chilean Spanish 101

9. Basic Chilean Spanish Slang

10. Chilean food vocabulary: Typical Chilean Dishes, Chilean Seafood, Chilean Sandwiches and Typical Chilean Desserts (and sweet things).

11. Chilean Spanish vs Mexican Spanish: Download The Matrix with examples that compares these two countries and others.

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Speaking Chileno: A Guide to Spanish from Chile
• Over 2,000 words and phrases are explained in English
• Speak like a Chilean
• Chilean Grammar
• Chilean Pronunciation
• Chilean Gestures
• 13 Quick Vocabulary Guides
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Chilenismos: A Dictionary and Phrasebook for Chilean Spanish
Although Castilian Spanish is the official language of Chile, this South American nation is known for having a great number of words and phrases that are distinct from other Spanish-speaking countries. In fact, the Spanish spoken in Chile is often indecipherable even to native speakers of Castilian Spanish. For example, only in Chile would you say: "Están cayendo los patos asados" (Roast ducks are falling) when the weather is hot. This dictionary and phrasebook prepares tourists, businesspeople, and anyone spending time in Chile for such idiosyncrasies.

• Historical and cultural information on the Chilean "dialect"
• An explanation of grammar and distinctive speech patterns
• Useful sections on Anglicisms, food & dining, and travel
• More than 1,500 Chilenismos words and expressions
Diccionario del habla de Chile
Como el chileno sabe desde su leche materna y el extranjero saborea al ingresar al lugar (ambos, ya sea disfrutando, resistiendo o sufriendo, según la ocasión y la condición), los múltiples fenómenos de la vida en Chile se enmarcan característicamente en dimensiones de lo popular, lo irreverente, lo burlesco, lo frívolo, lo ramplón, lo vulgar, lo picante, lo grosero y lo agresivo. Acompaña a esta experiencia cotidiana un caudal formidable e inagotable de expresividad popular, irreverente, burlesca, frívola, ramplona, vulgar, grosera y agresiva. Lo primero apunta hacia aspectos a veces lamentables de la sociedad chilena; esto último, hacia el admirable genio popular, talento que a menudo transforma aquellos lamentos en música. Este libro es un registro de esto último, anotaciones de esa riqueza expresiva.

El diccionario contiene unas 7.000 entradas, unos 14.000 usos y unas 25.000 referencia cruzadas. Es un catálogo representativo de las voces populares del Chile de hoy y un registro ilustrativo de usos chilenos. Más allá, el texto retrata aspectos básicos de la sociedad y la cultura: mentalidad y personajes típicos, clichés y prejuicios locales, situaciones o tramas propias, trozos de humor, ironía, sarcasmo e ingenio callejeros. Sus fragmentos fabrican un mosaico agudo y entretenido de Chile y de su gente.

Diccionario de obscenidades chilenas
This is a Dictionary of Chilean dirty, taboo or vulgar words and phrases. Each expression is explained by paraphrases and synonyms, followed by a list of other related slang. Finally, several uses of the expression are reproduced, which clarifies its meaning and amplify this register considerably.

Diccionario de chileno actual VOL.1 (A-LL): Vocabulario y usos del habla popular de Chile
Chilean slang and everyday language dictionary containing around 7,000 entries, 16,000 uses and 25,000 cross references.

Diccionario de chileno actual VOL.2 (M-Z): Vocablos y usos del habla de Chile
Chilean slang and everyday language dictionary containing around 7,000 entries, 16,000 uses and 25,000 cross references.

How to Survive in the Chilean Jungle 2
The perfect book to help anyone understand the Chilean people. Great for study abroad, travel, vacationing, and evel locals! This book will help you learn the chilean slang and dichos.
Spanish-EnlishPrint (Used)


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Speaking Chileno: Chilean Spanish Dictonary eBook


1. Héctor Velis-Meza y sus “Chilenismos con historia” | 11:46
Chilean author Héctor Velis-Meza explains the origin of some Chilean Spanish phrases. In Spanish.

2. Chilenismos | 14 minutes
In this podcast you will listen to some Chilean expressions pronounce and explained by a native speaker. In Spanish and English.
A podcast by Carola Fuentes about Chilea…

3. Por si usted no lo sabía: Chilenismos | 9 minutes
Native Chilean Juan Quezada explains some Chilean Spanish phrases or chilenismos. In Spanish.
Podcast Por si usted no lo sabía: Chilen…

4. Chilenismos: Divertimento Zero 97.7 | 1 hour
Radio show Divertimento explains some Chilean expressions. This is the full radio show that includes music and interventions about Chilean Spanish. This audio is ideal to listen to the speed to the Chilean accent. In Spanish.
Programa de Radio Divertimento de Zero 9…


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Chile Spanish Slang Words
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Chile Spanish Slang FlashcardsQuizlett Sets
- Chilean Spanish Flashcard Sets
- Chilean Slang Flashcard Sets
ChilenismosChilenismos iPhone app
Agarrar papa, subir por el chorro, cachuchazo, huevear, flaite, cuico, filo, patas negras... Chilean spanish is full of slang!

Chilenismos is your new best friend in trying to understand what the folks in Chile are saying.

With more than 170 slang terms and expressions including definitions and examples, including an indicator that shows how common each is and another than will help to avoid that ones you shouldn't use in from of your grandma.

Chilenismos includes a game to help practice and learn the Chilean slang in an easy manner.

Chilean Spanish Pinterest Board by Speaking Latino
- Regular updates
- More Resources
- Articles, books, Chilean culture
Cositas Ricas Ilustradas
A blog that illustrates traditional Chilean recipes.
Academia Chilena la Lengua
Spanish SlangI Love Chile Online Magazine
Chile News in English:
- I Love Chile

Chile News in Spanish:
- El Mercurio
- La Tercera
- Las Ultimas Noticias
- Metro


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