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1. 10 Examples of Spanish Slang Words and Phrases Used in Cuba

2. The Most Authentic Word in Cuban Spanish: ASERE

3. Decoding a Cuban Menu: 14 Cuban Spanish Food Words And Dishes

4. Is Cuban Spanish different? Download The Matrix document with examples that compares Spanish words from Cuba and other countries.

5. Cuban Spanish characteristics

6. How to swear, insult, cuss and curse in Cuban Spanish! Cuban Spanish language swearing with English translations.

7. Enigmas of Cuban Spanish

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Quick Guide to Cuban SpanishQuick Guide to Cuban Spanish
The Quick Guide to Cuban Spanish includes a total of 952 words, phrases or sayings that have been used for generations. In addition the words are paired with 429 synonyms or related words and 430 entries include at least one example sentence. Click here to preview the book»
Spanish-EnglishPDF eBook

Cuban Spanish-English Dictionary: A Comprehensive and Updated Collection of Cubanisms
This Cuban Spanish-English dictionary is a comprehensive and updated collection of “Cubanisms”, including not only words, colloquialisms, and idioms of daily use, but also terms and definitions of social, economic, and political life, historical facts and personalities as well. It comprises over 7,000 entry words and around 3,000 phrases (idioms, proverbs and sayings), most of them unique to Cuban Spanish. The entry words follow one another in strict alphabetical order. In every case the users will find either a direct English equivalent, or a translation into English that will help them to understand the meaning of the respective “Cubanism”.

Concise Bilingual Dictionary of Special Idioms, Phrases and Word Combinations: Diccionario bilingüe y conciso de giros, modismos y frases especiales
"This dictionary constitutes a valuable little gem in the fields of bilingualism, translation, folklore and communication across cultures: All entries are presented, explained and translated in English and in Spanish; It goes from recording Afro-Cuban traits to depicting deeply rooted Hispanic customs and traditions. A very special feature is that it facilitates the English speaker's comprehension of those aspects that are idiosyncratic to other cultures. This work also contributes to a better understanding of the Cuban Spanish variant, sometimes surprisingly close to that from Spain and other Central, South and Caribbean Spanish-speaking countries. This appealing dictionary will hopefully contribute to a better understanding not only between Spanish and English speakers but also among speakers of the Spanish language."

Diccionario mayor de cubanismos
"This extraordinarily useful work is the result of years of painstaking and detailed intellectual labor. As one who learned Spanish as a second language, I have relied on all sorts of Spanish dictionaries for four decades. Now even the most demotic speech in Cuban literature is accessible. This reference tool would be useful for Puerto Rican and Dominican texts as well. Sánchez-Boudy illustrates the varying usage of words and shows how even standard or common Latin American expressions may vary in popular speech. He anticipates subtle questions with aplomb and foresight. This kind of specialized scholarship is required to make the extensive variations of the Spanish language available to both those whose first language is not Spanish and to Spanish speakers from other areas. Highly recommended for public and academic libraries." In Spanish only.

Cubaneando: Diccionario Cubano - Español
Cubaneando no es un catauro de cubanismos, Cubaneando viene siendo una caterva con palabras de mucho valor, muy cubanas y otras castellanas, pero empleadas con mucha frecuencia en la verborrea del cubano. Cubaneando está hecho fundamentalmente comparando palabras que en Cuba significan una cosa y en México, otra, también tuve en cuenta a otros países, pero en menor escala. Vaya Cubaneando a todas aquellas personas interesadas en conocer la forma de hablar de una gran parte del pueblo cubano, para no generalizar, y encuentren algo novedoso e interesante como sucede con los conceptos de las palabras, ‘papaya’ o ‘guajiro’"

Así habla Cuba: Sus dichos populares
Una recopilación de más de 3,000 cubanismos con sus significados que inducen a recordar y sonreir.

Diccionario de cubanismos más usuales

Diccionario del español de Cuba
"La seleccion de elementos lexicos descritos en los diccionarios de esta nueva serie obedece a una combinacion de criterios estrictamente aplicados, entre los que destacan los siguientes: se tiene en cuenta solo vocabulario de uso en el respectivo pais americano; se incluyen solo elementos lexicos de uso actual; se registran exclusivamente unidades lexicas del respectivo pais de America que presentan alguna diferencia de uso frente al espanol tal como se habla y se escribe en la Peninsula Iberica."

Diccionario cubano de habla popular y vulgar
"Cuban sayings are sometimes hard to understand. This book clears up a lot of the cultures everyday talks. Presented in a dictionary style format, reference becomes easy." In Spanish only.

Diccionario popular cubano

Estudios de la lexicografía y léxico cubanos
"A través del análisis de la ideología en el diccionario, el estudio de los arcaísmos léxicos en el español de Cuba, el trazado del panorama geolectal de las voces cubanas, la revisión del diccionario contrastivo de esta variante espacial isleña o aproximación de los nombre de Cuba en el siglo XVI, el lector de este volumen colectivo podrá conocer mejor algunos aspectos de esta variante lingüística; explicados, además, por quienes se hallan más próximos a esta realidad del habla, como los investigadores del Instituto de Literatura y Lingüística con sede en La Habana."
Dímelo, pero en cubano
"This is a book of Cuba slang, or the way Cubans used to employ refrains in their daily talk, back in the 1940's and 1950's. Each adage includes its meaning in the Spanish language." In Spanish only.

Diccionario de refranes populares cubanos
"Presenta por materias los refranes y dichos populares cubanos. Con ilustraciones de caricaturistas clasicos cubanos."

Diccionario de piropos populares cubanos
"Este libro constituye la recopilacion mas importante de las formas de hablar del cubano en la historia de la Isla."


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Quick Guide to Cuban Spanish: Dictionary eBook


Speaking Latino Online Dictionary | Cuban Spanish Words
- Words and phrases
- Summarized English definitions
Cuba Spanish Slang Cuban SpanishCuban Spanish
A list of frequently used words and phrases
Cuba Spanish Slan Cuban Slang
Cuban Slang by Everyday Slang Blog
Cuban Spanish DictionaryDiccionario de Argot Cubano | Conexión CubanaSpanish
Cuba Spanish Slang Diccionario Argot CubanoDiccionario de argot cubano | Léxico cubano | Jerga popular cubanaSpanish
Cuba Spanish Slang Tu Babel
Cuba Spanish Slang Words
Pequeño Diccionario del Argot Cubano, Jerga Cubana, Habla Popular de CubaSpanish


1. Del Taco al Tango – Cubanismos | 15 minutes
Guest native Cubans discuss and explain Cuban Spanish slang phrases from a dialog. Native Spanish speakers will be impressed by the richness of the Cuban Spanish. Podcast in Spanish.

2. Podcast Los Acentos del Español: Cuba | 2 minutes
Spanish teacher María Arlandis interview a native Cuban. Listen to the Cuban Spanish accent. Podcast in Spanish.


Cuba Spanish Slang FlashcardsCuban Spanish Flashcard Sets
Cuba Spanish Slang Cuban Dichos
Cuban dichos iOS App
App description:
• Access over 250 definitions, expressions and phrases from the old and new generation of Cubans (Spanish-English)
• Search for any word or phrase and receive a list of matching terms
• Get a "Word of the Day" every time you launch the app
• Random word support – tap to view a random phrase
• Bookmark your favorite sayings for easy access
• Sharing support via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Email
iPhone App
Cuba Spanish Slang AppCuban Spanish Phrases and Lessons (Miami-Cuban)
App description:
"Learn over 600 useful phrases recorded in crystal clear audio by a native Cuban Spanish speaker in Florida. Learn words and phrases with Flashcards (flip to see the English) or Study Cards (shows everything on one card). Most entries have grammatical or cultural notes."
iPhone App
Academia Cubana de la Lengua
Ofrece servicios de consultoría sobre dudas relacionadas con el empleo de la lengua, y ha iniciado la publicación de documentos relevantes de la cultura cubana.
Website in Spanish
Cuban Spanish Slang Cuban Spanish Granma IndexEl español nuestro del periódico Granma
This index of articles corresponds to the section "El español nuestro" covering topics of general Spanish as well as Cuban Spanish. Check the archives with articles published since 2008.
Articles in Spanish

Cuban Spanish Pinterest Board
- Managed by Speaking Latino
- Regular updates on Cuban Spanish
- Great source for visuals, photos and illustrations
Pinterest board
Cuban News in English:
- Granma

Cuban News in Spanish:
- Granma
- Juventud Rebelde
- Diario de Cuba
- Cubanos por el mundo


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