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Need a Mexican Spanish Slang to English Dictionary? Here Are 3 Bilingual Options

Mexican Spanish Slang to English Dictionary

If you are traveling to Mexico to study or live you will need extra help with their local vocabulary even if you are already fluent in Spanish. Spanish vocabulary changes significantly from one country to the next and Mexico is not the exception. Yet, few people learn about this until they are in a country, stumbling through the local Spanish. So, one of the best tools when you head there is to have a Mexican Spanish slang to English dictionary in hand. Not sure about the options available to you? Here is a list of bilingual Mexican Spanish dictionaries that you can use as a guide to select the best one for you.


3 Mexican Spanish Slang to English Dictionaries (Bilingual)

Mexican Spanish Slang Dictionary

1. Quick Guide to Mexican Spanish
by Language Babel

This book is a basic Mexican Spanish dictionary and phrasebook that includes:

• More than 500 Spanish slang words and phrases
• Summarized English definitions
• Spanish synonyms when possible
• More than 400 sentence examples
• The paperback version includes 50 illustrations

There is also a sequel called Quick Guide to More Mexican Spanish that includes 500 additional words.

Mexican Spanish Slang Dictionary

2. Bilingual Dictionary of Mexican Spanish
by Bernard Hamel

This is the most expensive bilingual option, but also the most complete. If the price scares you, take a look at the used books available. This features:

• More than 8,500 entries with approximately 13,000 definitions
• All the words and phrases include Spanish and English definitions
• More than 1,500 example sentences “from literary works of renowned Mexican authors such as Carlos Fuentes and Elena Poniatowska” among others.

Mexican Spanish Slang Dictionary

3. Cabo Bob’s Definitive Mexican Slang 101
by Cabo Bob

This ebook is not organized like a dictionary, instead it presents lists of words and definitions grouped by different topics such as greetings, words for cool, sex, drugs, friends and more.

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