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Spanish Slang Words for WEED: 26 Names for MARIJUANA

Spanish Slang for Weed Marijuana

Spanish Slang ForThis article is part of the series Top 5 Spanish Slang Words Searched on Google where we feature a full list examples for:

1. Spanish slang for friend
2. Spanish slang for weed
3. Spanish slang for white person
4. Spanish slang for cool
5. Spanish slang for girl


Spanish slang for weed is the second suggestion that Google gives you when you type in the phrase “Spanish slang for” in the search box. In this particular case weed can have an innocent Spanish translation or be the slang for marijuana. In this article I am going to give you the list of words for both meanings.

Spanish Slang for Weed (plant or grass)

The generic Spanish translation for weed is hierba or the alternate spelling yerba. On the other hand, when the weed grows wild or is messing up you garden you might hear the words: mala hierba,  maleza or pasto. With these five words you can be understood in Latin America, but I have identified two additional regional terms that you should know:

1. zacate or sacate: Mexico and Central America

2. yuyo: this word comes from the Quechua language and is a synonym for mala hierba. You will hear this word in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay according to the Royal Spanish Academy dictionary.


Spanish Slang for Weed (marijuana)

Weed is also the slang for marijuana or marihuana in Spanish and the Diccionario de Americanismos list a total of 80 Spanish slang words for it. If you are already overwhelmed with the huge amount of terms, don’t worry, you pretty much can get along with hierba, marimba or mota. But once again, I consulted my Spanish slang library and here is the condensed list:

1. bareta: Colombia

2. cachimba: Colombia and Puerto Rico

3. chala: Argentina

4. cogollo: Spain and Chile

5. crippy: Puerto Rico

6. faso: Argentina

7. macoña: Chile, El Salvador, Uruguay and Peru

8. mafafa: El Salvador, Venezuela and Mexico

9. mafú: Colombia and Puerto Rico

10. maracachafa or maracachifa: Colombia (regional)

11. marimba: Colombia

12. marimba: Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Chile

13. moña: Honduras and El Salvador

14. moño: Colombia

15. monte: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Costa Rica

16. mota: Colombia (regional), Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Chile and El Salvador

17. orégano: México

18. pasto: Puerto Rico

19. yerba: Colombia

20. yesca: Colombia, Guatemala and El Salvador


Spanish slang for weed using proper names

21. maría: Venezuela, Mexico and Spain

22. mariela: Colombia

23. juana: Mexico and El Salvador. Also Doña Juanita

24. juanita: Mexico and Honduras

25. mary jane: Mexico. Also alternate spellings such as marijane in Venezuela or mariyéin in El Salvador

26. maría juana or mariajuana: Peru and Colombia


Spanish slang for marijuana cigarette (joint)

1. bacha: Mexico and Uruguay

2. bareta, bareto or vareto: Colombia and Ecuador

3. bazuco or bazuca: Venezuela and Colombia

4. cachafín: Colombia

5. cacho: Venezuela and Colombia

6. coso: Colombia

7. gallo: Puerto Rico

8. huiro: Peru

9. mafú: Puerto Rico

10. moto: Puerto Rico

11. pepa: Chile

12. pitillo: Nicaragua, Peru, Cuba and Puerto Rico

13. pito: Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Puerto Rico

14. porro: Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain and Colombia

15. puro: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica

16. troncho: Peru

Quality of the weed

High quality marijuana: punto rojo, colombiana (El Salvador), moño (Venezuela)

Low quality marijuana: pasto (Honduras, Colombia and parts of Bolivia), ripio, zacate, charbasca (Honduras, Costa Rica)


To complete this list, in addition to the Speaking Latino books, I used the Diccionario de Americanismos, the NTC’s Dictionary of Latin American Spanish and the Multicultural Spanish Dictionary.

More Spanish Words

If you want to learn more Spanish slang for weed check the “advanced search” of the Speaking Latino online dictionary here.

In the next posts of this series The Top 5 Spanish Slang Words Searched on Google I will give you the lists for a white person, cool and girl.

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