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CAGAR: The Second Most Important Chile Spanish Slang Word

Certain words in a country turn out to be words that are heard daily, hourly and sometimes even every few minutes. Since these words are a fundamental part of the local language, learning them will quickly expand your vocabulary. They also have the added benefit of making you sound more like a local. HUEVEAR: The Most Important Chilean Spanish Slang Word post explains one of those words with its numerous variations. The Chilean use of CAGAR is another one of those words and may be considered the second-most extensive word in Chile.

Here are several variations although there are many more uses just in Chile, not to mention other meanings that may exist in other countries. All these sayings are included in my book Speaking Chileno: A Guide to Spanish from Chile.


13 Idiomatic Expressions With The Second Most Important Chile Spanish Slang Word

CAGAR: The Second Most Important Chile Spanish Slang Word

1. A cagar: to the end, all out, all the way

2. A cagar no más: damn the consequences

3. Cagado: stingy, tight-fisted

4. Cagado de la risa: dying of laughter, laughing your ass off

5. Cagado del mate: nuts, screwed in the head

6. Cagar: 1) to take a shit, 2) to be amazed by something, 3) to fuck someone over, 4) to be fucked up, really messed up, 5) nuts, off your rocker, 6) screwed, over with.

7. Cagarla: The most common use of this term is la cagó which may mean you screwed it up or you did it excellently, depending on the context.

8. Cagaste: you missed your chance

9. Estar cagado: 1) fucked, in trouble, 2) scared shitless

10. Ir a cagarse: to tell someone to fuck off

11. Ni cagando: no fucking way

12. Quedar la cagada: to be a messed up or fucked up situation

13. Si la cago me avisas: when you know for sure that you screwed up. If you want to sound really local, say avisai (as in av-is-eye).

Do you know of any other Chilean usages?

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Featured photo credit: Despegar de las banderas by Oskar Araya G. via flickr

  • DianaCaballero

    Oh God… This is so funny

  • DianaCaballero

    Oh God… This is so funny

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  • Guillermo

    Estai cagao’ e la caeza? –> Are you fucking cracy??

    • http://www.speakinglatino.com/ Jared

      The phrase “estai cagao e la caeza” as you wrote it is more how it is pronounced. The written version would also be “Estai cagado de la cabeza”. This would mean something like “Are you fucked in the head?”

      • Guillermo

        I agree, but is a phrase You use when you speak, not when you write… “Are you fucked in the head” is a literal meaning in my opinion, is a literal translation, another form to say the same but in a dirty way is “Eatai loco culiao?…” which means “Are you fucking cracy?”…

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