Argentine Slang in Reverse: VESRE

In Argentine slang the word vesre comes from the Spanish word for reverse, revés, after moving around a few letters. Just as the word vesre, other words are made by switching around letters. These words are now so common in Argentina that they may be used more than the “real” word. For this reason, it is necessary to be familiar with the following words even if you decide not to use them yourself.

Argentine Slang: Vesre

al dope = al pedo – messing around, screwing around, farting around

chabomba = bombacha - a woman’s underwear

de dorapa = parado – standing up

dolobu = boludo – to pretend to be clueless, to play dumb

dorima = marido – husband

el quetejedi = el que te dije - phrase used to describe a certain unnamed person that only you and the receiver of your message should identify, to hide the person’s identity from others

feca = café - coffee

garca = cagar – a cheater, a swindler

garpar = pagar – to pay

gomía = amigo - a friend

jermu = mujer - a woman

jonca = cajón - a coffin or casket

langa = galán – a pretty boy, a self-centered and attractive man

los lompa = pantalones – pants

rope = perro - a dog

telo = hotel – this term refers to a specific type of hotel where rooms are often rented by the hour and are used for sexual encounters and affairs. Some other Spanish speaking countries refer to this as a motel.

toga = gato – a cat

tordo = doctor - a doctor

zapán = panza - tummy

Just as a hint, if you run across a strange sounding word try writing it down. Sometimes looking at a word in vesre is easier to identify its original root word. Vesre is common in Argentine slang so be sure to have a few of the above words in your vocabulary. Not only will you impress people with your Argentine slang, it will be easier to understand daily Argentine conversations.

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