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1. 101 Mexican Spanish Words I learned Watching El Chavo del 8

2. 3 Meanings and Usages of the Mexican Expression ¡Orale!

4. Chingar: The Most Important Word in Mexico

5. A quick and dirty phrasebook of Mexican slang

6. Jerga juvenil mexicana

7. Mexicanismos

8. Mexican Spanish – Órale, Híjole, And Others

9. Mexican Gestures: Part one. Learn 6 gestures used in Mexico.

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Quick Guide to Mexican Spanish
This quick guide of words and phrases from Mexico will help you better understand this North American country. The collection of over 500 terms and sayings will help you become familiar with the richness of Mexican Spanish. It includes colloquially used words and some dirty ones too!

Each term has been defined in English and synonyms are included when available. There are also more than 400 example sentences. This book is your basic Mexican Spanish dictionary.

Quick Guide to More Mexican Spanish
In this second book on Mexican Spanish you will find 500 new words and phrases used regularly by Mexicans. Used in combination with the original Quick Guide to Mexican Spanish you will have more than 1,000 terms to lead you to fluency in Mexican Spanish.

Each term has been defined in English and synonyms are included when available. Most entries include example sentences.

El chingonario: Diccionario de uso, reuso y abuso del chingar y sus derivados
"Chingar is the most used word in Mexico. The meanings of this word are so many, that almost in every situation, it can be used . This book gathers the most popular uses of this word, with expressions, definitions and examples." (This book is only in Spanish.)

¡Ah, qué chida es la CH!: Diccionario de uso, reuso y abuso de la letra CH en México
"En este libro, usted podra encontrar mas de 700 palabras con este sorprendente digrafo, que forman parte del habla cotidiana de los mexicanos y que, con sus multiples juegos sin sentidos, ensanchan nuestro vocabulario y enriquecen nuestra lengua. Este diccionario pretende ser util en cualquier circunstancia y sacarle una sonrisa con cada ejemplo que acompana a estas divertidas palabras."

Mexican Slang 101

Bilingual Dictionary of Mexican Spanish
"Now in its 3rd edition, revised and enlarged to over 200 new pages, this work contains 2,500 new entries, 6,000 new definitions and 1,200 new examples. Includes more than 8,500 entries and over 13,000 definitions overall, with numerous examples to illustrate their use, and there is a Spanish and English translation for all Mexican words and expressions."

There's a Word for It in Mexico
"This guide, for anyone with an interest in Mexico, provides insight into the country and its people through a study of over 130 key words in their language. A thematic index groups the entries into key cultural and business concepts."

Diccionario del español usual en México
"Esta segunda edición agrega cerca de mil quinientos vocablos usuales, se añadieron ejemplos, se modificaron ciertos órdenes de acepciones para que esta obra sea más clara y precisa. El fin que se persigue es que este Diccionario llegue a convertirse en el mejor catálogo del vocabulario del español de México."

Diccionario breve de mexicanismos
"Las voces aquí reunidas tienen en México un contenido semántico peculiar: son voces del español en general que poseen concepciones distintas de las peninsulares, o bien, de origen propiamente mexicano incorporadas a ese español y que incluso han trascendido a otros idiomas."

Así habla el mexicano: Diccionario básico de mexicanismos

El ABC de las y los mexicanos
Este libro es un recorrido por aquellas palabras populares, frases y eufemismos que explican lo mexicano. A través de citas, referencias periodísticas, autores y refranes, se crea un diccionario local de la lengua de uso cotidiano.

La obra es una brillante recopilación de la realidad de las y los mexicanos a través de sus palabras. Así, según la autora, «el diccionario rinde cuenta y culto a las populares expresiones, conductas e ideologías de una sociedad aferrada a las palabras para explicar lo mismo su cultura que su política».

Dictionary of Mexicanismos: Slang, Colloquialisms and Expressions Used in Mexico
"This dictionary contains all the real Spanish slang and idioms that are not found in regular dictionaries. These are the terms and expressions that your will hear in business, on the street and in film, music, and in social settings. The English word finder index makes it easy to search for terms about sex, drugs and crime - and much, much more."

Mexican Slang Plus Graffiti
"A unique book that reveals the hip talk and occasionally lewd eloquence of the Spnaish commonly spoken in Mexcio and Latin America. Whether you want to use the words, avoid them, or simply want to understand them when you hear them, this book clears up the confusion. Also includes examples of slang commonly found in graffiti on buildings, bridges, and fences."

Colección de expresiones mexicanas | Collection of Mexican Expressions
"These proverbs, sayings, idioms, and mischievous verses represent a way of looking at the world that is uniquely Mexicano. Some of the sayings are tender and some are ribald, but they are all authentic. They take an everyday situation and frame it for a broader meaning that may be uproariously funny, surprisingly unique, or merely wise. If you decide to use these sayings so you can be more conversationally competitive, you will succeed."

Spanish Lingo for the Savvy Gringo: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to the Language, Culture and Slang
"Focusing on the Spanish that is spoken in Mexico and most frequently in the United States, this book teaches the language and provides insights into Mexican culture and its customs. First-timers will learn some basics of onversational Spanish, which those who have studied before will find the book useful for refreshing their command of colloquialisms and common expressions."

Stories from Mexico | Historias de Mexico
(Side by side bilingual book)
"n Stories from Mexico/Historias de Mexico, we've placed the Spanish and English stories side by side--lado a lado--so you can practice and improve your reading skills in your new language while enjoying the support of your native tongue. This way, you'll avoid the inconvenience of constantly having to look up unfamiliar words and expressions in a dictionary."


Learn more about don Quijote Spanish courses in Guanajuato, Playa del Carmen, Oaxaca & Puerto Vallarta


Mexican Vocabulary (slang) Part 1

Mexican Vocabulary (slang) Part 2

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S3 E15: Porteño Lunfardo vs Mexican Chilango Spanish | 33:03 minutes
“Compare words and expressions of both Argentina and Mexico. The conversation also dealt with some non language-related topics such as differences between both countries as Spanish colonies, the not so bad reputation of Argentines in Mexico, and more!”

La Banda Chilanguense: El habla de México (Video podcast)
Part 1 2:58 minutes | Part 2 3:31 minutes | Part 3 3:20 minutes
A group of workers from Mexico DF (Chilangos) ride a bus and share some Mexican slang. This podcast are simple short videos packed with a great slang examples. English and Spanish captions included!


Mexican Spanish Slang App Guey Spanish

Güey Spanish iPhone App
An iPhone app focus on Mexico City Spanish.


Mexico Spanish Slang Flashcards

Güey Spanish


Mexico Spanish Slang Flashcards Sets

Mexican Slang (242 Terms)

Mexican Slang (62 Terms)

Mexican Slang & Profanity (128 Terms)


Academia Mexicana de la Lengua

Mexico News in Spanish: Metro | La Reforma | La Jornada | El Unviersal | Excélsior | La Prensa | El Sol de México | Milenio

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