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21 Great Spanish Slang Articles from 2012

21 Great Spanish Slang Articles from 2012 by Speaking Latino

In a couple of hours the year 2012 will be gone. Before it ends, take a look at the best 21 Spanish slang articles from Speaking Latino during 2012.

1. These 10 examples of a right word used in the wrong place will help you understand how aware you need to be with Spanish slang.

2. A list of 101 Mexican Spanish words from El Chavo del 8.

3. A list and video of 17 filler words and common phrases used in Chile.

4. Examples of Spanish slang made from reverse words from Argentina  and Colombia.

5. Learn the different Spanish words for MONEY, EARRING and BATHROOM plus the many meanings that the word TACO can have.

6. The Matrix was one of the most popular articles of Speaking Latino. Download the list that compares basic Spanish words from Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rico, Peru, Colombia and Spain.

7. Check out this list of 10 phrases don’t taught in school for Puerto RicoArgentina and Chile.

8. Traveling abroad to learn Spanish? Here are 4 strategies you can use to learn Spanish slang.

9. 65 slang words in Spanish for vagina that you and Mitt Romney should know.

10. 13 Peruvian Spanish words and phrases to sound like a local.

11. Learn about the most important word in Mexico: CHINGAR; and the second most important word in Chile: CAGAR.

12. Three meanings and usages of the Mexican expression ¡Órale!

13. Which are the first 3 Puerto Rican words kids learn to read?

14. What a linguist expert have to say about Puerto Rican Spanish.

What’s your favorite articles of the year?

Jared and I wish you a happy new year!

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