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Cuba Spanish Slang

Cuban Spanish: Photos of the Cuban Fauna in the Song ¿DÓNDE ESTÁ LA CUTARA?

The song ¿Dónde está la cutara? mentions many popular names of animals from Cuba. Watch the cartoon video and compare it to the real photos.

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Mexican Spanish Slang

VIDEO: 6 Common Mexican Gestures (Featuring the ZMG4U Channel)

Common Mexican gestures shared by natives Spanish speakers from Guadalajara. Includes a full video and 6 images.

11 Mexican Spanish Slang Expressions INFOGRAPHIC

Slang Phrases And Curses Mexican Use And What They Really Mean Source: 9GAG.com

The Day of the Dead Altar: INFOGRAPHIC

An essential component of the celebrations of the Day of the Dead is the altar to welcome the souls of the departed. Learn the main elements and their meanings in this infographic NotiMex. I wanted to share this infographic because I noticed that every year the interest in the celebration of Día de los Muertos…

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Puerto Rican Spanish Slang

Why I Wrote Speaking Phrases Boricua

Read what inspired Jared Romey to write the book Speaking Phrases Boricua – Refranes de Puerto Rico about Puerto Rican sayings,

Does Puerto Rican Spanish Differ From Normal Standard Spanish?

Sebastian Becker from Germany asked us: Does Puerto Rican Spanish differ from “normal” standard Spanish? Here is our answer: This questions prompt me to ask another one: What is standard Spanish? I believe (and this is my opinion) that it is difficult to point out what is standard Spanish. Would it be the Spanish from…


Here you have an illustration of the Puerto Rican Spanish saying más lento que una caravana de cojos. This illustration is included in the book Speaking Phrases Boricua. MÁS LENTO QUE UNA CARAVANA DE COJOS: Puerto Rican Spanish Saying • Literal translation: Slower than a caravan of cripples • Meaning: Extremely slow • Example: “Las…

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