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  • How to Speak Spanish In No Time

    Learning how to speak a different language can be difficult, but learning how to speak Spanish in no time can be an even harder feat. A variety of things effect the time in which a person learns to speak a language, but usually the main determinant is the effort put forth by the learner. Several […]

  • Earn to Speak Spanish So You Learn to Speak Spanish

    When people ask me how they can learn to speak Spanish, I often here the excuse that they don’t have any money to get started. The reality is there are a whole ton of free resources online for you to learn Spanish. However, there’s also another way. To learn to speak Spanish you can earn […]

  • Do Mexicans Speak Spanish?

    The question “Do Mexicans Speak Spanish?” may surprise some people. It perhaps seems obvious that of course Mexicans do speak Spanish, in fact it is the largest country in the word of Spanish-speakers. Yet other people still ask that question. So maybe we shouldn’t rush to the obvious answer so quickly. Why then do some […]

  • Are You Really Fluent in Spanish? Only If You Know These 8 Spanish Language Words

    Are You Really Fluent in Spanish? If you are interested in being, appearing or faking that you are fluent in Spanish, here’s a quick tip. I’ve been speaking Spanish now, at varying levels for 18 years (holy crap!). In that time, my speaking experiences have crossed country borders and generations, as well as education and […]

  • Learning to Speak Spanish Free? Easy!

    Learning to speak Spanish free can be an easy task. As the United States becomes more and more diverse, it becomes easier and easier to find ways to learn and practice Spanish. This means you may have to be a little creative, but it is not impossible. There will be challenges along the way, and […]

  • Infographic: Are You Really Fluent in Spanish?

    This is the infographic for the blog post Are You Really Fluent in Spanish? Only If You Know These 8 Words. If you find it useful, please share, like or pin it for your friends. ARE YOU REALLY FLUENT IN SPANISH? | Infographics

  • Laern to Speak Spanish

    I bet you meant to type Learn to Speak Spanish instead of Laern to Speak Spanish, right? No problem, we speak and understand your language even if the letters are reversed. Here’s a list of our best articles to help you Learn and Laern to Speak Spanish: 1. The Best Book for Learning Spanish Vocabulary […]

  • Speak And Learn Spanish To Better Understand English

    “Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.” ‒Johann Wolfgang von Goethe If you Learn Spanish (or any foreign language) you will find it is also an excellent way to improve your comprehension of English. You see, when you learn a foreign language, you have to dissect it into lots of […]

  • 5 Ways to Lose the Gringo Accent in Spanish

    You can study Spanish for years and still maintain that pesky gringo accent. Eve if your grammar is perfect, if your accent is off, you’re going to have problems. The best case scenario is that the gringo accent will be distracting, while the worst case is that it will be so off that native speakers […]

  • 4 Tips on How to Speak Spanish Fluently

    I learned my Spanish in a university in St. Louis, Missouri. My professors were from Mexico, Spain, and Argentina – I had my choice of accents. For whatever reason, before I even had a class with the Argentine professor, I adopted el canto, or the sing-song rhythm that Italians and Argentinians often use while speaking. […]

  • How Locals Perceive a Foreign Accent in Spanish

    Before reading this, check out my related post Jared, You Speak So Well. For several years it has surprised and intrigued me every time I receive a comment that my Spanish has improved significantly. The truth is it has not improved. For at least 10 years my Spanish has been sufficiently fluent that almost no […]

  • “I Don’t Speak Spanish” & 75 Additional Excuses to Not Learn Spanish or Any Other Language

    I am attempting to study Italian at the moment, using the Pimsleur Italian course. Attempting is the important word here. This course is a collection of pod casts that are 30 minutes of listening and interacting with the podcast, every day. Lesson 18 is the next one I need to run through which would tell […]

  • 7 Tongue Twisters to Improve Your Spanish Pronunciation

    Tongue twisters or trabalenguas are phrases that use repetitive syllable sounds that make them difficult to pronounce. Because of the rhymes, they are often used with children as a fun exercise to practice Spanish pronunciation and diction when learning the language at an early age. The objective of a tongue twister is to pronounce it […]

  • How to Order Ice Cream in Spanish

    Anyone who knows me is aware of my extreme obsession with ice cream. When I travel, the ability to find and order ice cream is fundamental. There are a lot more words associated with ice cream than I originally thought, so I wanted to share the knowledge I have gained with all of you. Ice […]

  • Easy Way to Speak Spanish from Your Writing Skills

    Generally, Spanish students write better than they speak. This is due to a variety of reasons. The simplest explanation would be that writing involves a lot less confidence and real-time interaction. You have more time to look over your words, grammar and sentence structure without the pressure of someone looking you right in your face. […]

  • How to Speak Spanish: Argentina vs. Puerto Rico

    I learned to speak Spanish in Missouri, meaning I learned it out of a book and (for the first 5 years) from women who had lived their entire lives in Missouri. You can imagine how awkwardly formal and not at all natural my Spanish was when I arrived at my university where I was then […]

  • 3 Reasons Why Children Learn to Speak Spanish Efficiently

    You have likely heard, or perhaps even witnessed, that children learn languages easier and faster than most adults. I used to spend 3 hours a week with 12 year olds working out of a Spanish text book while at the same time working with 3 and 4 year olds for only 2 hours a week […]

  • 3 Learning Aids That Helps Kids Speak Spanish… And Adults Too!

    I have taught Spanish to children as young as 3 and to adults well past retirement. I certainly use different materials and approaches based on their ages, but when it comes to beginners, there are a few things I believe work for all age groups. So, adults too should use materials for children to learn […]

  • How to Speak Spanish: When Accent Stresses and Spanish Pronunciation Do Matter

    In Jared’s article Become Fluent Faster By Ignoring These 5 Spanish Fundamentals, he recommends that you forget about perfecting your Spanish pronunciation and ignore written accents altogether when you are trying to learn Spanish quickly. While in some ways I agree with this, I can also argue quite the opposite in some cases. When it […]

  • How to Speak Spanish: Jared, You Speak So Well!

    I have been speaking Spanish now for almost fifteen years, living in Spanish speaking countries most of that time. Some years I spoke almost no English in fact. My wife and I speak only Spanish at home. At this point you can say I have achieve Spanish fluency. Then why do I get less compliments […]

  • Learn to Speak Spanish: Details to Speak Naturally and Communicate Effectively

    Getting to a point where you feel comfortable on how to speak Spanish can be a long process that takes a lot of practice. Of course, the most important step in communicating effectively is to learn the grammar and pronunciation of the language first. However, how many people do you know that studied Spanish for […]

  • Do You Have to Speak Spanish Fast and Fluent? Ignore These 5 Fundamentals

    I started to write this post and it reminded me of a recent magazine article I read on School of Rock about teaching children how to play musical instruments (article here). My horrendous elementary school experiences with the violin and recorder popped into my head as I read the article. Maybe with an opportunity like […]

  • 6 Tips on How to Speak Spanish Like a Native

    This article was originally published at The Matador Network. Speaking like a local is not all about the accent; or even the vocabulary. Many factors give away if you grew up next door, or somewhere between Timbuktu and Kuala Lumpur. Gestures, clothing, mannerisms and attitude also hint as to where you are from. Vocabulary and […]


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