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  • SMART Goals to Learn Spanish

    Learn how to set your goals using the SMART system. Apply it to set your goal to learn Spanish.

  • Start Spanish Today and The Italki Challenge

    We accepted the italki Challenge! This is a quick note introducing the Italki Challenge and what our goals will be during the following weeks.

  • 7 Ways To Use italki You Might Not Have Considered

    Here are 7 ways of how to use Italki that you might not have thought of, including some non-language uses.

  • 31 Games in Spanish: Language Learning or Entertainment

    Four lists of games in Spanish. From games to learn Spanish to classic board games in Spanish. Watch some videos of how they are played.

  • Review: Become Fluent In Any Language By Gabriel Wyner – Creative Live

    This article is an in-depth review of the Creative Live video course Become Fluent In Any Language by Gabriel Wyner, author of the book Fluent Forever.

  • Learn Gaucho Spanish With These Resources

    This is a list of the available resources to help you learn Gaucho Spanish, which is the Spanish from the southern Cone portion of South America.

  • Learn Spanish Language: Spain and Tourism Ideas

    We would like to welcome Elena and her team at Spain2Speak with this first guest article where they explain to us a new tendency in language learning called “experience-based tourism”. – Jared Learn Spanish Language: Spain and Tourism Experience-based tourism is booming. Travellers want to live new experiences in their trips and, while some look…

  • Learn Spanish Quiz: Why Is It So Difficult To Identify Spelling Errors?

      The mistakes on the back of this key card from a hotel in Puerto Rico are two simple spelling errors that could be avoided if someone had proofread the material. Before writing this post I showed the card to three native speakers and only one of them identified the first error. Apparently it’s too…

  • Learn Spanish in Bolivia Since It Is Easier Than Anywhere Else

    This article is written by Robert, a UK writer living in Bolivia. He is currently a writer for Listen and Learn.   Why Learning Spanish in Bolivia is Easier Than Anywhere Else Learning Spanish in South America is a fantastic way of picking up the language while having fun getting to know the local culture….

  • The Death of Language Learning

    The Future of Language Learning For three years now I have been following the Language Learning community online, occasionally even participating. During that time I have thought in-depth about the future of language learning. Where is it going? How will people learn languages? Why will they learn them? How can we use technology to learn…

  • 3 Non-Traditional Ways to Travel in Latin America… And Learn Spanish

    Travel can be expensive and this puts many would-be fluent Spanish speakers off traveling in Latin America. Thankfully for those of us on a budget, there are a number of organizations and initiatives which help to make travel affordable, sometimes for stays of up to several months.

  • Top 9 Reasons Why People Learn Spanish in San Juan, Puerto Rico

    The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the Unites States where Spanish is the official language. This and many others reasons make San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, a good destination to learn Spanish. Sacha Delgado, owner of the Institute for Spanish Language Acquisition (I.S.L.A.), chatted with Speaking Latino and tell…

  • Learn Spanish in Puerto Rico: Immersion Program ISLA

    A while ago Jared published Speaking Latino’s most controversial post ever -Should You Learn Spanish in Puerto Rico?- where he questions if Puerto Rico is a good destination to learn Spanish. Obviously that is his opinion and I (and many others readers) don’t agree with it. So, now is my time to share my point…

  • 5 Student-approved Classroom Games to Learn Spanish

    5 Student-approved Classroom Games to Learn Spanish from Speaking Latino We all know that students always look forward to playing games in the classroom. It is usually the very first question they ask upon entering class. Let’s face it, as teachers we like them too since they can be so effective and engaging. There are…

  • Learn Spanish: Websites from Great Language Bloggers

    One of the keys to learn Spanish (or any other language) online is to reach out to like-minded people who can help you along. Whether it’s a motivational push, a new resource someone tested already or an upcoming conference there is a fabulous group of language bloggers out there willing and able to help you…

  • Learn Spanish: The 5 Ways to Say TO BECOME in Spanish

    Becoming something in the world of Spanish is not a simple task. In basic Spanish, there are 5 different verbs that mean “to become” and each one has its own distinct use. Here’s a brief look at them. 1. Ponerse (+ an adjective) Ponerse + an adjective refers to a physical or emotional change that…

  • Learn Spanish by Country: For Intermediate and Advanced Spanish Speakers

    As you look to take your Spanish fluency to the next level you need to be aware of the differences that exist from one country to the next in vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation. The boxes below will take you to the resources we have available for each country. Choose one to take your next step…

  • Learn Spanish: 4 Meanings of SAVE in Spanish

    While in English we use the word “to save” to refer to many different things, there are 4 basic Spanish words to cover the different meanings. 1. Save in Spanish: Salvar Salvar means to rescue, to recover or to save from extinction. For example: El hombre salvó al niño que estaba ahogando. The man saved…

  • 7 Tips to Learn Easy Spanish With Your iPhone for Free

    If you are in the process of learning Spanish and own an iPhone, try to use it in you favor. This handheld powerful mini-computer (a.k.a smart phone) can help you learn easy Spanish while on the go. Statistics indicate that “the average smartphone owner spends 128 minutes, or over 2 hours, looking at their phones…

  • Learn Spanish: 4 Meanings of PLAY in Spanish

    There are several basic Spanish words that translate “play” and each of them has their own specific use. This quick post will give you a general understanding of the different meanings of “play” in Spanish. 1. To play means tocar Tocar can also mean “to touch” but in this particular case, tocar is used when…

  • Learn Spanish Quiz: Cafeteria Menu Sign

    Recently I received the dreaded jury summons. What a pain in the *ss! Having lived outside the United States for almost 15 years it had never been a problem until now. In fact, as a resident of Maryland I never received a single summons. So in January I get my driver’s license in Florida for…

  • Should You Learn French and Spanish?

    Many people come to a point in their education when they question if they should learn French and Spanish. While I am obviously a bit biased, I truly believe that in most cases, you should learn Spanish since it makes more sense. Here are some of my arguments as to why. 1. The Spanish pronunciation…

  • Learn Spanish Quiz: Jewish Memorial in Puerto Rico

    This Learn Spanish Quiz post is perhaps an easy one, yet shameful for Puerto Rico. This mistake received international press coverage so you may have already seen it. I just had the opportunity a few days back to head over and take this photo to use here. Before we go into the Spanish Quiz portion…

  • Learn Spanish Quiz: Bathroom Bar Graffiti #2

    I’m back with a second exciting episode of Learn Spanish Quiz: Bathroom Bar Graffiti. Take a look at Bathroom Graffiti to see the first post with a Spanish mistake. Who knows, if I find enough seriously illiterate graffiti-ists in Spanish who hang out at the same bars as restaurants as I this may become a…

  • Learn Spanish: 4 Meanings of HOT in Spanish

    The word caliente means “hot” while the word calor means “heat.” It seems like saying “estoy caliente” would be the proper way to express that you are hot, as in, the temperature is high. Unfortunately these Spanish differences for non-native speakers are a common and embarrassing mistake. The word hot also have other possible translations….

  • Learn Spanish: Using the Verb HACER to Express Periods of Time

    This post is part of the series Warming up for El Día E: Posts to Improve Your Spanish. El Día E is a world-wide celebration of the Spanish Language that will take place on June 23th, 2012. Posts in this series to celebrate El Día E: 1. Join the Celebration of El Día E 2….

  • Learn Spanish: Translating BUT to Spanish with PERO and SINO / SINO QUE

    This post is part of the series Warming up for El Día E: Posts to Improve Your Spanish. El Día E is a world-wide celebration of the Spanish Language that will take place on June 23th, 2012. Posts in this series to celebrate El Día E: 1. Join the Celebration of El Día E 2….

  • Learn Spanish Words for TO KNOW: SABER versus CONOCER

    This post is part of the series Warming up for El Día E: Posts to Improve Your Spanish. El Día E is a world-wide celebration of the Spanish Language that will take place on June 23th, 2012. Posts in this series to celebrate El Día E: 1. Join the Celebration of El Día E 2….

  • Learn Spanish Quiz: Disney Trolley Warning

    This warning sign mounted on a trolley surprised, even disappointed me. As a business student, one company you always hear about as an example of how to manage a business well is Disney. Their commitment to creativity, customer service and detail in their parks is held aloft as a goal for other companies to achieve….

  • Learn Spanish: 4 Meanings of RIGHT in Spanish

    There are several words/phrases that translate to RIGHT in Spanish: derecho, derecha, correcto, and tener razón. Of course, not all of them can be used interchangeably – that would just be too easy. Here are the Spanish differences for the word right. 1. Right in Spanish: DERECHO El derecho, used as a noun, means a…


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