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  • Language Book Club Day Video Interview

    Kerstin Hammes from the Fluent blog interviews Jared Romey as part of the Language Book Club Day.

  • SMART Goals to Learn Spanish

    Learn how to set your goals using the SMART system. Apply it to set your goal to learn Spanish.

  • Start Spanish Today and The Italki Challenge

    We accepted the italki Challenge! This is a quick note introducing the Italki Challenge and what our goals will be during the following weeks.

  • 7 Ways To Use italki You Might Not Have Considered

    Here are 7 ways of how to use Italki that you might not have thought of, including some non-language uses.

  • 32 Games in Spanish: Language Learning or Entertainment

    Four lists of games in Spanish. From games to learn Spanish to classic board games in Spanish. Watch some videos of how they are played.

  • Review: Become Fluent In Any Language By Gabriel Wyner – Creative Live

    This article is an in-depth review of the Creative Live video course Become Fluent In Any Language by Gabriel Wyner, author of the book Fluent Forever.

  • Learn Gaucho Spanish With These Resources

    This is a list of the available resources to help you learn Gaucho Spanish, which is the Spanish from the southern Cone portion of South America.

  • Learn Spanish Language: Spain and Tourism Ideas

    We would like to welcome Elena and her team at Spain2Speak with this first guest article where they explain to us a new tendency in language learning called “experience-based tourism”. – Jared Learn Spanish Language: Spain and Tourism Experience-based tourism is booming. Travellers want to live new experiences in their trips and, while some look…

  • Learn Spanish Quiz: Why Is It So Difficult To Identify Spelling Errors?

      The mistakes on the back of this key card from a hotel in Puerto Rico are two simple spelling errors that could be avoided if someone had proofread the material. Before writing this post I showed the card to three native speakers and only one of them identified the first error. Apparently it’s too…

  • Learn Spanish in Bolivia Since It Is Easier Than Anywhere Else

    This article is written by Robert, a UK writer living in Bolivia. He is currently a writer for Listen and Learn.   Why Learning Spanish in Bolivia is Easier Than Anywhere Else Learning Spanish in South America is a fantastic way of picking up the language while having fun getting to know the local culture….

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