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Children Spanish Books Written by 5 Hispanic Celebrities

The Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin recently announced that he wrote a children’s book that is schedule to be published in November. For around the same date Thalía’s childrens book is schedule to be released. Hispanic Celebrities like Ricky Martin and Thalía aren’t the only ones who have diversified as authors of children’s stories. Here is a list of children’s books in Spanish written by Hispanic celebrities. Curiously, all the titles are also available in English.

5 Celebrities Who Wrote Children Books in Spanish

children spanish books

Children Spanish Books1. Ricky Martin (Puerto Rican singer and actor)
Santiago el sonador entre las estrellas
From the editor: “Santiago’s biggest dream is to perform on stage. But when he doesn’t get the lead role in the school play, he can’t help but doubt himself. Encouraged by his father’s inspiring words, Santiago rebuilds his confidence and finds that with passion and dedication, you can achieve amazing things beyond your wildest imagination.” Also available in English: Santiago the Dreamer in Land Among the Stars


children spanish books

Children Spanish Books2. Thalía (Mexican singer and actress)
Chupi: El Binky que regresso a su hogar
From the editor: “Thalia shares this fun and fanciful story about something every parent can relate to–persuading your child to give up the pacifier. Thaila dreamed up Binkyland, the magical place where the Binkies live and would one day return home, as a bedtime story for her own children.” Also available in English: Chupie: The Binky That Returned Home

children spanish books

Children Spanish Books3. Shakira (Colombian singer)
Dora la Exploradora en la aventura del Día Mundial de la Escuela (World School Day Adventure)
From the editor: “Today is World School Day and Dora is very excited about the big fiesta with students from all corners of the world. But some schools are missing supplies and it’s up to Dora and Boots to make some very special deliveries. Will you join them? ¡Vámonos! Let’s go!” Also available in English: Dora the Explorer: World School Day Adventure


children spanish books

children spanish books

children spanish books4. Gloria Estefan (Cuban singer)
Las mágicas y misteriosas aventuras de una bulldog llamada Noelle
From the editor: “For a young bulldog named Noelle, the joy of being adopted by her very own little girl is overshadowed by the worry that she won’t fit in to her wonderful new home. What can an odd–looking brown pup possibly have to offer in a world where shimmering fish, glittering fireflies, and beautiful Dalmatians play games that Noelle’s short legs can barely keep up with?” Also available in English: The Magically Mysterious Adventures of Noelle the Bulldog

El Tesoro de Noelle: Una Nueva Magica y Misteriosa Aventura
From the editor: “Noelle the Bulldog is back for another magically mysterious adventure! She’s on a holiday visit with her family to the exotic Treasure Coast of Florida when she hears exciting news. There’s a long-lost pirate ship full of treasure under the sand! Noelle can’t wait to find it. On her high-spirited journey she befriends a crusty but lovable crab and other mysterious new animals. And, most importantly, she discovers the “real” treasure of the Treasure Coast!” Also available in English: Noelle’s Treasure Tale: A New Magically Mysterious Adventure


children spanish books

Children Spanish Books5. Mario López (Hispanic-American actor and tv host)
Tacos de Lodo
From the editor: “Would you eat a wormy, squirmy mud taco? Marissa loves her big brother, Mario. He always comes up with fun ideas. When playing in their nana’s backyard, they decide to make some wormy, squirmy mud tacos. That gives Mario an idea? How about some real tacos for lunch. Before long it is off to the store with Nana, but first they must pick up their cousins Rosie and Chico. When Chico starts acting like a hotshot to prove that he is a big kid, can his cousins, with the help of a few mud tacos, show him how to have some real fun?” Also available in English: Mud Tacos

Do you know about any other Hispanic celebrities who have written children Spanish books?

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  • Rease Kirchner

    You know, Cheech has written a few as well! I own one of them.

  • Valarie Budayr

    Great list of Spanish books written by hispanic celebrities. I had no idea. Thanks so much for sharing.

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